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Wonder Weeks

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TettyLouBar Tue 21-Oct-08 09:22:53

Just wondered how many of you have read this book and saw the changes mentioned in your LO?
My DD is 19 weeks on sunday and according to the book is having a MAJOR development leap......she woke about 12 times last night instead of her usual 2. hmm

Swaliswan Tue 21-Oct-08 09:48:21

It's the only baby book that I haven't thrown out the window. I highly recommend it and plan to buy it as a present for any friends who have babies soon. My DD is going through a fussy phase leading up to her 75 week developmental spurt and I cannot wait for it to be over! Her sleep is always the thing that is badly affected by a fussy phase. IIRC, DD's 19 week leap was by far her worst.

meandmyjoe Tue 21-Oct-08 14:19:14

Have read it, was very interesting and fairly accurate actually, my ds always seemed to get to the stages a week before though but it was great as a guideline. DS always slept fantastically except 9 months ish which was accurately predicted in the book if I recall. Also my ds was 1 week overdue so could be why he went through it always a week ahead of his actual age but not sure!

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