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Help needed please to wean 17 month old off recently developed co-sleeping...

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Jan2 Fri 17-Oct-08 12:35:34

My 17 month old DD slept well on her own from about 3 weeks old and did so until she was about 9 months old. She used to sleep soundly all night every night after getting herself off to sleep- we were unbelievably lucky I know. However it all started to go wrong when the teething kicked in.

We had various teething problems over a few months and then to cut a long story short she had a very bad spell of teething combined with an ear infection over the summer and we were up with her for hours every night for about 3 weeks. We used to walk outside the house in the middle of the night with her in the pram or drive out with her and then transfer her to the cot once she had dropped off as this was the only way to get her back off and then she frequently woke up again shortly after screaming - she has a very loud cry!!

Anyway we tried everything and she started to improve after having antibiotics and once the teething subsided. At one point she would scream day or night if we even put her in the cot.

I think she associated the cot with the pain??

We had tried bringing her into our bed when she was teething but she still screamed however about 6 weeks ago we brought her into our bed one night when she woke and it worked - she stopped crying. We laid her on top of the duvet in between the two of us in her gro-bag and she went straight off to sleep! We were so relieved to get some rest that we didn't see any problem with this in the short term.

The teething seems to have finished (for now!) and there does not appear to be anything physically wrong with her.

Now she wakes every night sometimes only an hour and a half after she has gone to sleep for the night or sometimes a few hours later. We bring her in with us and all is fine. If we move her back to her cot the tears start.

It has started to rule our lives - having to rush up to bed early in the evenings in case she wakes up and needs to come in with us etc.

She likes her cot - will sit in it for short periods in the day with books and toys and at the moment is napping in there for 2 hours in the day with no problems. It's just when she wakes up at night that the tears start.

Any tips as to how to get her to settle during the night without coming in with us would be gratefully received - the usual 'going in and settling/soothing' doesn't work!! There is a black out blind up and I am wondering whether it's the darkness she doesn't like so am thinking of trying a night light and getting rid of the blind??

Many thanks in advance.

pudding25 Fri 17-Oct-08 12:40:26

A nightlight may help. If not, you could try cc. if you don't want to do that, what about gradula withdrawal?

ches Sat 18-Oct-08 19:14:29

Does she have all her molars? They hurt before there's obvious signs. If you're positive it's not still teeth, then I would suggest a toddler bed. Now that she's used to sleeping in a bed, she might find the cot a bit like a "jail."

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