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My 2 YO isn't sleeping!! Will wake at least once in night! Then at 5 - 5.30am!

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imoannat Thu 16-Oct-08 20:12:08

Hi all

I am getting desperate now - not sure what else to do. My son is just 2 and I have put him in a bed within the last week as he has outgrown his cot. He has never been a great sleeper so I wasn't expecting him to be any better in a bed. He goes down at anything between 7-7.30pm normally very happily, this hasn't changed even with him being in a bed. (Tonight however he had me coming up to him for 45m and went to sleep at 7.45pm). He is waking at least once between 3 and 4am then between 5 - 5.30am for the day. I wouldn't necessarily mind the early morning start if he didn't wake in between.

My husband has been going to him when he wakes to break the link between my son and me at night (I have always gone into him at night because of my husband's working pattern) but this hasn't seemed to work. I just don't know what to do anymore...who'd have thought a little person could disrupt your sleep so much! I am a worrier as it is and some days I feel quite sad and alone.

Please help, any advice will be great! TIA

GordonTheGhoul Thu 16-Oct-08 20:15:09

You're not alone. DS is 2.6 and still wakes every other night and then is up early 5.30 ish.

What happens when he wakes in the night? I.e. do you give him milk or anything?

Maybe he's getting cold?

imoannat Thu 16-Oct-08 21:09:50

It is nice knowing I'm not alone, I really do not mind getting up at 5.30ish, I'm used to it now so prob wouldn't sleep much after that anyway!! Its the waking and there never is any guarantee of a peaceful night. He has a beaker hanging around in his bed, but isn't too keen on it so I know he will only drink from it if he is really thirsty. We just keep putting him back and telling him its night night. He wears long sleeved pj's and has a duvet - he isn't always happy for me to cover him with it. I have no clue what to do, maybe I should see it doesn't hep when he calls me 'mummy mummy, kiss kiss'!!! It is hard. I hope it gets better for you too.

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