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15 week old won't stay on his back - any advice

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queribus Sun 12-Oct-08 10:12:10

My 15 week old DS has is able to roll onto his front (although can't roll back yet) and he does this in his sleep. Should I get one of the 'sleep positioner' thingies, or use rolled up towels to try and keep him on his back? Will he get too hot with rolled up towels? Is it such a bad thing if he sleeps on his front or side?

I hardly had any sleep despite him sleeping from 11pm - 5am because I leaped out of bed everytime he stirred to check he wasn't on his back blush

Anyone offer any advice?


MoChan Sun 12-Oct-08 10:31:24

It can be really hard to stop this, I think, my daughter has gone through phases of front sleeping, and she has always chosen to sleep on her side over sleeping on her back. I never tried one of those sleep positioners, might be worth a try.

What I did do was get one of those sensor pad monitors, fifty-something pounds from Argos, which basically lets you know that baby is breathing and sets off an alarm if they're still for twenty seconds. I love it.

designerbaby Sun 12-Oct-08 15:42:16

Ditto that queribus...
My LO would NEVER, EVER sleep on her back - would scream and scream until we ut her on her tummy from the very beginning. In the end we gave in, and bought a movement monitor (tommee tippee - just great) so that we didn't have to stay up all night to make sure she was still breathing (seriously, we did shifts for 3 weeks...).

Result? She sleeps well (generally...) and so do we with the little reassuring falshing green light letting us know all is OK.

Worth the investment if yours is resolutelu a tummy sleeper (and I really believe some just ARE...)


designerbaby Sun 12-Oct-08 15:45:15

Could've got a few more typos in there - if I'd REALLY tried... soz...

ches Sun 12-Oct-08 17:22:13

Once they're able to roll over it's supposed to be okay, as long as the mattress is firm, no loose bedding, etc. We got a sleep positioner and had a beast of a time interrupting his going to sleep putting him back on his back and then in about three weeks he could turn over even with the positioner.

WSMUM Tue 14-Oct-08 15:46:11

One of my twin boys also rolled over at 15 weeks and slept on his front from then on.
I wouldn't worry too much but speak to your health visitor if you are worried. If he is strong enough to roll over I'm sure he is strong enough to pick up his head etc.. if he needs too.
You'll probably find he is on the go now and will soon be rolling all over the room..!! we did crawling by 7months and almost walking by 8 good luck don't worry and sleep while you can you'll soon be running after him!

dannyb Fri 17-Oct-08 18:01:13

If he can roll over then there is nothing you can do to stop him just keep putting him on his back when you put him down. You don't need to use towels or sleep positioners as they can make the baby hot and lead to overheating. You can try a sensor pad but they don't actually prevent anything happening just reassure the parents rather than benefit the baby

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