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How can I introduce a snuggler?

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SamJohnsMum Fri 10-Oct-08 19:34:55

I'd like my DS to have a blanket or a toy to help settle him to sleep - I think I'm at serious risk of breastfeeding him to sleep - but I don't know how to introduce it.

We had a small teddy (actually, we had two identical ones so this seemed a really sensible option) and we slept with them for a while so that they smelt of us, but he's not interested in them.

He seems more interested in blankets/muslins (particularly as he often holds my top when I'm feeding him) but I worry about having loose blankets in his cot.

He's four months old.

Oh, and does anyone have a name for them other than 'snugglers'? My mother-in-law uses it as a word and that puts me off!!!!

flowergirls Fri 10-Oct-08 19:43:04

My dd1 used a muslin - fantastic as I had loads and could boil wash when necessary. Also easily replaceable. Started around the same age as your ds. Called it her 'num-num' as that was the sound she made when she held it to her face. DD2 had a rabbit comforter from jo jo maman bebe. Again I had quite a few! These might be better if you are at all concerned about muslins in the cot. Name wise - we stuck with num-num! As for dd3 - she found her thumb! With all of them I would wake them a little if they had fallen asleep on the breast so they would go down awake. grin

RhinestoneCowghoul Fri 10-Oct-08 19:46:51

DS's comforter has always been his thumb. He has had a full range of teddies since birth but only started cuddling up to them at around 2 yrs.

I sometimes used to put one of my worn tshirts or a muslin I'd been sleeping with in with him when he was little. I think if it's light material it's not really a prob...

Seona1973 Fri 10-Oct-08 19:51:48

my ds has a couple of taggies he takes to bed with him along with an elephant we got when we went to Blackpool Zoo (he calls it Dumbo!) - I got mine from That Cute Age but they also do taggy books, soft toys, etc that look quite nice

MarkStretch Fri 10-Oct-08 19:54:44

My dd has a 'sniffer'. It came about when I had the bright idea of taking my top off one night and putting it in with her when she wouldn't settle.

Top was then cut and shredded into small pieces and she still has it now (she's 6).

I would say if you buy something then put it in your bed/down your top for a couple of nights and he'll take to it much quicker.

angel1976 Fri 10-Oct-08 21:00:32

Hi SJMum,

I call my DS's 'blankie'. This is the one DS has. It is quite small and very, very soft and he loves clutching it to sleep. He sometimes also stuffs it in his mouth (while teething I suspect). I would say your DS is still quite young. He will take to it when his motor skills become more finely tuned and they start to clutch things more. Just keep putting it in his hands. GL!


ceebee74 Fri 10-Oct-08 21:06:38

My DS has had a 'blankie' from birth - it is an old-style Winnie the Pooh one from Mothercare - however, for the first few months, he wouldn't have known whether it was in the cot or not. From about 4 months(ish) he used to just run it between his fingers and hands etc before going to sleep (I have a fantastic photo of him fast asleep with it over his face grin) and now, 2 years later, he still has to have it in bed with him. We bought a spare one about a year ago which has been a godsend so whatever you choose, make sure you have a spare one.

We have never let him take it downstairs etc so it stays in his cot until bedtime and goes back in his cot before we go downstairs in the morning.

Am 33 weeks pg and already bought (2) rabbit blankies from Blooming Marvellous for the baby.

Lastyearsmodel Fri 10-Oct-08 21:13:30

DD has a Cuski - it sat in her cot from birth until at about 7-8 months she started to favour it. Then she became inseparable from it, began calling it Kiefer (we have NO idea where that came from) and we had to buy a back-up after a traumatic temporary loss. She's now 2 and it comes everywhere, gets treated like a doll and since DS was born, she sticks it up her top and feeds it. DS is now 7 months and shows no sign of getting attached to anything in his cot.
I used to worry about them going to sleep with something that could cover their face but a muslin with a knot tied in it would be fine (think this is what a Cuski is meant to emulate).

sammybeth Fri 10-Oct-08 21:17:52

My ds has a muslin (ive got about 15) and he got attached to it when i was breast feeding and used to lay it over him in case he was sick and he just started holding it and snuggling into it..Hes 2 now and still has it for bed and when hes upset. He calls it his cloth(not sure how this name came about as its not a great name really)

Lionstar Fri 10-Oct-08 21:24:02

We also have a beloved Cuski, called 'Cookie' (in fact have 2 red ones). DD drags them around pretty much everywhere, and won't sleep without one. Although we started off with the getting our smell over them when she was tiny, now she doesn't really care if they are grubby or fresh out of the wash (though she is a bit traumatised if she sees one in the washing machine - or any red fabric for that matter!)

Lastyearsmodel Fri 10-Oct-08 21:34:47

Lionstar - the stories we've tried to tell DD to explain where Kiefer no 1 or Kiefer no 2 are when they're in the wash... And the screaming when she saw one going round in the washer one day. Red is probably a more sensible colour - ours are (very) off-white. No 2 was actually bought as a 'present' for DD to give DS when he was born. She cried '2 Kiefers!' when she saw it and occasionally thrusts it in his face and whips it away again. Quite hard to describe what it looks like to Lost Property offices too.

PussinJimmyWhoooos Fri 10-Oct-08 21:40:53

DS was the same but I was worried about giving him blankets so instead I crotched (sp!!) him some small squares to use - mega success! They are only about 10cm by 10cm and as they are crotched (again sp!) they have holes in them so are breathable.

He has about 4 on the go at any one time and they are very easy to wash out etc...

SamJohnsMum Sat 11-Oct-08 10:12:15

There are some great ideas here, thanks!! I didn't realise he was probably a bit young to have favoured anything yet, so that's good to know!

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