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Can self settle, but still wakes up all the time!

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Starshiptrooper Wed 08-Oct-08 10:59:56

After a really unsettled period, my 21 wk old had a week of sleeping really well. I had been doing my 'No Cry sleep solution' techniques and was pleased with myself (was on here saying as much). Spoke too soon! The last week has been rubbish again. She is self settling when she first goes off, and this morning she woke, whinged a bit and went back to sleep, so I know she can do this. However, she is waking every 2-3 hours during the night, breast feeding, and going off to sleep again quite easily. Is she just hungry and getting ready for weaning do we think? Should I be trying to get her to take more during the day and any tips on this? I don't really want to start weaing until closer to the 26 weeks.

walkingwomb Wed 08-Oct-08 11:24:22

hello - you could be me. My 21 week DD is completely able to settle herself but has decided at the mo she doesn't want to and is waking loads. I am terrified she is going to forget how to, but at the mo am just riding it and hoping it gets better. This happened at aout 14-17 weeks and i did the no cry thingy, but to be honest i think she just got better on her own. I still give her the opportunity to self settle by not rushign in straight away, but usually end up cuddling her or feeding her back to sleep.

not much help by empathy!

Starshiptrooper Wed 08-Oct-08 11:56:49

Empathising with you too, walkingwomb. I don't feel quite so demented as I did before, I must be getting used to it. I'm also thinking about putting her in her own room soonish as I'm not sure who wakes up who sometimes.

RosiePierce Wed 08-Oct-08 12:49:48

Hi, I'm in a similar situation with my little girl who's 18 wks old! Self soothes throughout her day kips, goes to bed like dream at 7 on the dot, will sleep till 130 ish if not woken for her last feed at 11 (will still wake at 130 ish even if she's had her last feed) then will wake very reg from then on till she's wide awake at 6 on the dot!!

She deffers is waking up to pass wind (tried all the ways to prevent this but no joy), but think she knows we're in the room and would rather be with us than in cot so will not self sooth, no matter how long i leave it before it goes to a distressed cry!

Husband and I are debating on moving out of her room before the recommended 6 mnth point, but HV says we have to stay in there till then (angry) (hmm).

Both exhausted, tetchy with each other, and I'm run down into the ground fighting off different infections all the time (constantly on antibiotics).

So in a word my empathy is with you, don't have an answer for you, hope you find it, and if so pass on the answer as I also need HELP

walkingwomb Fri 10-Oct-08 11:37:11

Starship - my DD has started a good phase again - only woke up once last night (2.30) and self settled at other points. Also self settled for morning nap (first time in 2.5 weeks).

there is hope!

Starshiptrooper Fri 10-Oct-08 13:58:37

Oh good news walkingwomb! I will live in hope!

RosiePierce, I meant to reply to you. I completely understand how you're feeling - it's so hard to cope with anything else when you haven't had enough sleep. Is it the HV's business where your dd sleeps (providing you don't put her in the garden shed or somehwere )? You do what feels right for you and your family. I'm going to get dd into cot in her own room, but will probably put camp bed mattress in there for a while so we can make the transition a bit smoother. Hopefully I won't get stuck in there until she's three! I'm sure she'll still end up coming into bed with us sometimes as well.

ches Sat 11-Oct-08 02:19:14

Growth spurt! Growth spurts are so often confused with being ready for solids, but actually in the beginning they don't actually get anything from the solids and what they need to get through the growth spurt is milk. wink

ajm200 Sat 11-Oct-08 06:37:53

I agree with Ches... probably a growth spurt. They play havoc with small babies sleep patterns and routines but luckily they don't last too long.. they suddenly want milk all the time.. I remember feeling like a milk machine when my son went through them as he suddenly wanted to feed every 2 hours day and night for a week or so then would settle back to 4 hours feeds and sleeping through

It will get better soon..

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