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How do you bed share with your LO's?

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RedOnHerHead Sun 05-Oct-08 22:43:53

I was just wondering the logistics? My DS2 (5mths) has freezing cold hands in the mornings and I was thinking of bed sharing to keep him warm - he's in our bedroom anyway, in a cot against my side of the bed.

How do you do it?

Baby in the middle? side - next to a wall? Blankets or duvet?
How do you lie next to them?
What do you do about your pillows?

I usually like the blankets up around me, but if DS is below the pillow line how do you manage without you getting cold in the night????

Just wondering????


Flum Sun 05-Oct-08 22:48:10

Just bung themin the middle. I find you wake up a lot though as you sleep so lightly it makes you feel tired. I only do it if the kids are ill or having an emotional drama.

Cold hands is fine I think. Why not put a hot water bottle by him. My girls have hottie every night from about September - I AM A bit of a soft touch though.,

RedOnHerHead Sun 05-Oct-08 22:54:51

he's only 5months though, I would,t put a hot water bottle in with him. but his hands really are freezing! I've liked the idea of bedsharing this time around, but because we only had a three quarter bed, DH and i were pretty snug anyway, but now we have a new bed, and there's enough room now.

RedOnHerHead Sun 05-Oct-08 22:55:32


kittykat77 Sun 05-Oct-08 23:07:24

I have let DD share my bed one night when she was ill, and really wouldn't recommend it. Neither of us got a good nights sleep (and it was a king size bed!)

We have got both our kids a heater in their room, so if they kick all the covers off, they don't get cold. Would by far recommend this approach!

littlelamb Sun 05-Oct-08 23:11:52

I co sleep with ds who is 4 months and did with dd for about 2 years. SHe still likes to get in if she's ill or has a nightmare. I think its the one area where being a single parent can be a bonus grin. I have no idea how peopl emanage it with two adults in the bed, unless your bed is enormous. Even co sleeping, my ds wakes up with freezing hands so it probably wouldn't help I'm afraid. As for pillows, I have my breastfeeding pillow (like a beanbag but l shaped) shoved between the bed and the wall so he can't roll into the gap (very unlimkely to happen anyway) and have pillows on my side of the bed. Tbh I would keep your set up as it sounds ideal- I would have ds in a cot next to the bed if there was room

babyOcho Sun 05-Oct-08 23:13:56

we dont have dd in bed v often, and only started doing it recently.

when she comes in with us, she is in the middle in the sleeping bag. we dont have pillows and she is higher than us, and we actually move down the bed so that the duvet doesnt touch her.

we also both sleep right on the edge of the bed. she usually ends up horizontal - depending on who she wants to go for, she starts wacking the unlucky ones face in the morning

TrinityRhino Sun 05-Oct-08 23:15:19

gecko sleeps with me and has done since about 2 months

right at the start she was unser her blankets and I had a single duvet so I could keep it off her but keep warm

At about 8 months I brought my duvet back onto the bed and just kept it off her as best I could but wasn't so worried

she is now 20 months and she has a 'banky' that she hugs and sometimes hmm has over her
she also has a very flat pillow that she usually starts on at the beginning of the night but is below it by the middle of the night

she doesn;t like having covers on so I have been dressing her warmly for bed

I sleep very lightly and dont move around much so I have had no trouble with feeling like I would cover her up or anything

dh sleeps in a different room so he can get a good nights sleep and because he snores

At 5 months, I would use blankets and try and keep the duvet off him(maybe use a single each)

stretchmarkqueen Sun 05-Oct-08 23:18:47

Socks on his hands??

We put up a mesh side thingy (sorry!) to stop him falling out. He sleeps high up on the bed, and me and dp scooch down and have our duvet up to our chin.


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