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is this a stage?

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IHeartIona Sun 05-Oct-08 21:23:11

Please let me know if this happened to your baby.
My dd (just under 7 mo) has started rolling onto her front when I put her down after her last feed. I usually bf her to sleep. She lifts her head up and wakes herself and doesn't know to lie her head down to rest/sleep. She has been rolling over during the day for weeks now.
I thought it might be a developmental stage or something?
I hope she gets the hang of sleeping on her front soon. Anyone had experience of this?
I understand you can leave them on their front if they turn themselves, is that right?thanks for any similar stories.

ches Mon 06-Oct-08 02:04:37

Yip, once they can do the rolling you can leave 'em to it. Is she about to set off crawling by any chance? It wreaks havoc on their sleep immediately before and after.

IHeartIona Mon 06-Oct-08 16:01:51

thanks ches. yes I think she might be crawling soon. she woke herself up at about ten the past two nights I think by rolling onto her tummy then lifting her head up, cue loud crying.

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