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help i need sleep !!

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momov2 Sun 05-Oct-08 18:44:36

my 19 month old dd is still waking in the night and won't settle at all in her own room in her own bed. i have tried everything . i also have a 5 month old dd ( who wakes once for feeding during the night). The only way my eldest dd will sleep is in bed with me and my partner. i know this is a bad idea but honestly i have tried everything. does anyone have any suggestions please ?

ches Sun 05-Oct-08 18:51:00

Why is co-sleeping a bad idea? It's not like she's going to do it forever. She's still a baby and has to be a big sister all day so probably needs a little more babying at night. My 19 mth DS wakes up at least 4 times a night and gets into bed with us. We rather like cuddling together.

momov2 Mon 06-Oct-08 14:43:34

thanks ches that makes me feel better

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