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Booking next year's summer hols- DD2 will be 1.11- can she possibly sleep in a bed?

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Pendulum Sat 04-Oct-08 23:08:39

The place I'm looking at has 2 bedrooms, one double and one twin.

We have been there before twice- first time DD1 was 3 and an only (slept in one of the twins) and second time DD2 was 5 months and in our room in travel cot.

Would like to book again for next summer but don't want a nearly 2 YO in the room with us if possible. However I suspect she won't be ready to sleep in a big bed, even with a bedguard. There is no space in the twin room for the travel cot.

I just can't remember whether DD1 would have been capable of sleeping in a bed at nearly 2. Can anyone with a similar-aged DC advise?

seeker Sat 04-Oct-08 23:09:54

Just put the mattress on the floor. Problem solved.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 04-Oct-08 23:11:20

or stand the 2nd twin bed on its end (or side) and put the travel cot in it's place.

Pendulum Sun 05-Oct-08 08:31:47

thanks. the beds are divans (solid base) so not really possible to move them out of the way.

do you think she will be too young for a proper bed then?

mrsgboring Sun 05-Oct-08 09:04:20

Yes, my DS is nearly 3 and can still fall out of a bed (he can flip over a bedguard shock)

Who is likely to wake up first? How about a travel cot in the sitting room or somewhere?

ChasingSquirrels Sun 05-Oct-08 09:34:26

in terms of sleeping I would be reasonably happy with a nearly 2yo in a bed, although if this was the first time I would probably use a bed guard.
My main concern would be that she could get up, and hence you may have problems getting her to sleep. We had exactly this problem in Portugal when ds1 was nearly 2, it was pretty crap really.
Even a divan can be stood up on it's end.

CapricaSix Sun 05-Oct-08 09:36:56

I changed dd's cot to a bed when she was 2.4 and wished i'd waited longer!! cos of the getting up...
I wouldn't want to do it for the first time on holiday tbh. It was quite a big deal for her.

Dottoressa Sun 05-Oct-08 09:52:37

My DD went into a big bed (not a toddler-type bed) at 1.11 as we were selling our house and wanted to prove that it was possible to fit a real bed into her tiny room!!

It was not a problem...

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