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Have just got DD a quilt and a pillow but am worried---stupid I know BUT......

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mppaw Sat 04-Oct-08 20:50:37

She is 2.7 and sleeps in a cot in a baby grow and a grow bag.
My friends absolutely rip the pi$$ out of me as theirs are in PJ's, beds, quilts a quilt and a pillow today but am now concerned she wont know what to do with it during the night if she gets hot or cold ?
AM sure she will be fine as she is far from stupid (Unlike her mother), but suppose am after a bit of reassurance.
Am thinking of moving her to a bed late November, but that is whole new thread !!!
My baby is growing up (boo hoo).

ches Sat 04-Oct-08 21:52:26

Personally I would move her out of the cot ASAP. She can more than likely climb out or fall out unless she is very, very small for her age. Also, a quilt/pillow can fall off a toddler bed, but get pushed up against the bars of the cot and cover her face. She is probably more than capable of rolling over, but if you're worried, you're not going to sleep well at night, are you?

LittlePushka Sat 04-Oct-08 22:17:45

Just wanted to share my experience with you mppaw.

DS1 has just turned2. Couple of months ago I gave him a pillow as he seemed to be waking up with his head on his teddy. At the same time he also grew out of the largest growbag I have. So, I told him we were getting a special big boy blanket and pillow (pillowcase has Bob the Builder and cot quilt has tractors and cows) on it...loves both.

The pillow sometimes get used and sometimes doesnt. He moves around the cot up and down and from oneend to the other, with or without misc soft toys. He has never to my knowledge gotten trappedby the bedding. He has never been asleep with it over his face and I have spent time in his room (with baby DS2) so I have seen him move about in his sleep without risk of suffocation.

Pillow is just a normal flatish type and cot quilt is a light tog made from hollow quill.

But the nicest thing about this is that since having them he keeps asking to go "Back to bed"...and sometimes when I am up in their room sorting clothes etc he yanks out the pillow and quilt from the cot and has a pretendy kip on the floor.

It is a roundabout way of saying it can be a positive thingsmile

Also tell your mates to naff off!...sleepsuits are cute wink

mppaw Sun 05-Oct-08 20:37:15

Thanks Pushka.
I know it will ok...I know she needs to have a quilt etc and move to a bed, but she loves her cot, has never climbed out (Hopefully not tempting fate) and sleeps so well. This is why I have delayed the move as did not see any reason to change it.
We have been discussing have a quilt etc and she seems quite excited so I think I am going to make the move at the beginning of November when I give up work to go on Maternity leave. So any problems with her getting out of her bed etc I can deal with.
Thanks for posting your experience, V helpful and reassuring. grin

Jojay Sun 05-Oct-08 20:43:57

My ds (nearly 2) has a pillow and quilt in his cot, and has done for a couple of months now. More often than not his pillow gets shoved out the way, but he's getting much better at staying under the duvet - it was an issue at first as he'd wake up cold having pushed his covers off( he'd been in a sleeping bag too). So I put him in a fleecy all in one for a few weeks and now he's much better and back in pj's.

We make the transition to big bed next week as we need the cot for number 2 due in a few weeks time, so wish me luck!!

mppaw Sun 05-Oct-08 20:56:45

Good luck Jojay...let us know how the move goes to the big bed.
Are you thinking of putting a stair gate on the bedroom or top of stairs ?

BuwchBywiog Sun 05-Oct-08 21:04:03

DS was evicted from his cot at 2.7 as I needed it for his baby sister, he gets very attached to things and doesn't like change all that much, he never climbed out of his cot either but was getting way too long for it. He's coped really well since. Hope it all goes well and tell your friends to pee off! grin

LittlePushka Sun 05-Oct-08 22:45:58

That s a good tip jojay, will remember that for DS2! Hope the tumbles are few!

LOL at BuwchBywiog giving DS notice to quit!!grin

janey32 Thu 09-Oct-08 06:35:21

I had exactly the same worries as you. What I found worked, was when you put them in the bed, tuck the duvet length ways under the mattress to secure her in. I also bought pyjamas with feet to keep ds extra warm when he kicked the covers off. It took around 4 months for him to be able to pull the covers back up himself.
Good luck!

mppaw Thu 09-Oct-08 09:41:42

She went to bed with a quilt last night and she was fine, bless her...she was actually quite excited.
Am going to tackle the bed situation when I finish work in November and start Mat leave so if I have any sleep deprived nights it wont be a problem.
Thanks for the tips and advice, all been V helpful. grin

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