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always awake, dont know what to do next!

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avaj Fri 03-Oct-08 10:49:01

My 6 month old has never slept well, but for weeks now has been waking every hour or two all night.
He has always ended up spending most of the night in our bed, but we moved him downstairs a couple of weeks ago just for a breather!
He will tend to sleep 3/4 hours when he first goes down, but then is up every hour or so, and i just dont know what to do next,
Sometimes we leave him to cry for a bit, but he has never gone back to sleep and only settles when picked up. He takes a dummy and I also give him milk sometimes (which is prob wrong)
I am just soooo tired and lost the rag with my poor 2 year old this am for coughing and waking him up!
Just feel like a crap mum!
Any advice welcome!!!!

TheGabster Fri 03-Oct-08 13:07:38

Hi there - just a few questions as so many things it could be.

What's his day sleep like?

Is he waking when the dummy falls out/needs it back and instantly falls back to sleep?

Have you started weaning?

Don't panick - 6m is a pants time for sleep IMO, but MN to the rescue!!! grin

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