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OldieButGoldie Thu 02-Oct-08 21:40:35

I'm beginning to think co- sleeping is the way forward for me and DS who is 6.5 months. This isn't something I had really planned on and am a bit uncertain about it.

Situation is - he is breastfed and he has always woken several times during the night and has always fed back to sleep. He also feeds to sleep when he is put down for the night or for a nap, the only time he doesn't need this is if he is in the car or on the move in the pushchair. I was fine with this as he always settled really quickly but lately he doesn't settle as easily and prefers to be in bed with me where we both get a better sleep.

Trying to keep it brief hmm, my concerns are the usual ie. if I go down this road will I ever get him to sleep in his own bed, if so when and will it be a difficult transition? And will he ever drop the night feeds if I am there 'on tap', so to speak?

Can anyone with experience of co-sleeping tell me what has happened in their experience or any other thoughts on the matter from anyone else?


OldieButGoldie Thu 02-Oct-08 21:44:47

Sorry, started new thread with a title!!

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