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3.5 year old frequent night wakings, please help!

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ithinkimtallandblonde Tue 30-Sep-08 22:44:58

Can anybody help, my dd 3.5 has had frequent night wakings since she was about 2, we also have a ds who is 1yo who does wake her at night but its not entirely down to him. She often crys at night and when we go to her she says her legs hurt/shes scared/ its too dark.She settles fairly easily if we go to her but some times she just shuffles down to our room and stares at us. She is wide awake and last week i even caught her coming downstairs in the middle of the night (caught her because she turned on all the lights on the way down.

On top of this she has been waking up at about 5 (mainly because the baby wakes at that time for a bottle but even if he doesn't she still gets up) i don't allow her to come out of her room but can hear her playing, likewise when i put her to bed at about 7 she often gets out and plays quietly in her room until about 8 i usually give up telling her to get back into bed. The problem seems to be the more exhausted she gets the more frequently she wakes. The only thing i have found that helps is sometimes when shes really shattered i put her to bed at 5 (i know i know) but that way she gets a bit of an early night. Please help i'm shattered i'm up between 2 and 5 times a night. I thought it would get easier. I should point out that on the odd occassion i let her in our bed i have to wake her at 8.30 but its not an option.

Flowertots Wed 01-Oct-08 05:39:48

I've been up since 2am and want to slash my wrists right now so no help to anyone but know EXACTLY what you mean

WriggleJiggle Wed 01-Oct-08 06:25:16

Struggling with night time waking here too. Will lurk awaiting more answers.

ithinkimtallandblonde Wed 01-Oct-08 14:06:56

God its rubbish isn't it, i feel like i've been awake for 3 years. Has anyone tried the bunny clock from GLTC? I'm also thinking it might be time for her to move out of her toddler bed, any thoughts.

queribus Wed 01-Oct-08 15:22:08

Frequent night wakings with my 3 year old DD here too. It's become worse since the arrival of DS (13 weeks old) and last night she woke at 2am, finally sleeping at 5.10am in my bed - terrible idea, I know, but I was desperate.

We have every excuse about why she's up - hearing noises, needing a drink, legs hurt - you name it, she tries it.

We've tried the bunny clock and didn't have much success. My DD still wakes and comes in 5.30am, claiming the bunny clock is broken - hmm.

I've tried moving bedtime both backwards and forwards to no avail.

This is no help to you, but you're not alone! Hopefully someone wise will come along soon.

ithinkimtallandblonde Wed 01-Oct-08 22:33:05

Can nobody help?? Please. Shes off too grandparents house on friday night for a rare overnight stay as nobody will have her due to rubbish sleeping. Who want 5.30 starts!!
I've found loads of sleeping baby books but no child books.Can anyone recommend one?

franch Tue 14-Oct-08 21:05:50

Like the others, I can only sympathise and tell you you're not alone. DD2 is 3 and going thru the same thing. DD1 did it too and now, at 4, sleeps beautifully - so at least I know it does end! Bunny clock hasn't helped.

I think the Richard Ferber book deals with children - door-shutting as an extension of CC I seem to remember.

ches Tue 14-Oct-08 21:24:42

You could try getting her a baby monitor so that she can hear you and DH or so that she knows that you and DH can hear her. Also a night light for the "it's too dark." The "my legs hurt/I'm scared" sounds like it could be sleep paralysis. I suffered from it most of my life and had no idea what it was, and really struggled with falling asleep in the dark/on my own/living alone until I one day googled my symptoms and discovered what it was. You could get her a Ready Bed to sleep on the floor in your room instead of co-sleeping.

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