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Sleep routines for 2 year olds!

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janjas Sun 28-Sep-08 13:07:38

Go-on then, make me jealous! DD is 2.2 and sleeps ok but I'm sure that she could do with more (and so could I!). Sleeps during the day are very hit and miss, especially since we put her in a bed, and nights can be anything from 8-10 hours. Thanks.

Tommy Sun 28-Sep-08 13:09:12

mine, at this age, needed a sleep only every other day or so - it's very frustrating isn't it?! Can't help with any advice I'm afraid

Gingeme Sun 28-Sep-08 13:25:31

Edward is 2 next month. He sleeps from 7.30pm-8am and has a sleep in the morning from 11am-1pm. He has done this for a long time as did my 4 year old and will my 8 month old.
Just out of curiosity do you have a good bed time routine?
Does your dd have all her teeth? Back molars could be coming in about now troubling her?
How long between dinner and bed time?
Just trying to make a few suggestions smile

janjas Sun 28-Sep-08 13:30:03

We have a good bedtime routine, always have. Its bath, cuddle on settee, book, milk then bed. Ive tried looking into her mouth when cleaning her teeth and I don;t think she has all her teeth yet. Could be the back molars..
She has dinner about 5pm then milk just before bed at 7.30pm. Do you think I should also give her a snack at bedtime? She's actually asleep at the moment which is great!

Seona1973 Sun 28-Sep-08 13:48:22

ds (2 on Wednesday!) has a sleep from 12.30/1pm till 3pm and is in bed for around 7.15/7.30pm. He wakes any time from 6am but as he is happy to putter in his cot I dont have to get him out till nearer 7am. My lo's also have dinner around 5pm and ds sometimes has milk before bed but not always. He doesnt get a snack before bed either.

Gingeme Sun 28-Sep-08 17:18:22

Hi seona. Was you on the due in October thread way back when?
Sounds all good janjas. Don't know what else to suggest then. Maybe she just doesn't need that much sleep sad Did she go into a bed ok? From her cot I mean?

Seona1973 Sun 28-Sep-08 19:56:14

Gingme, yes I was on the due October thread - cant believe they are going to be 2 already!!

artichokes Sun 28-Sep-08 20:01:24

dd is 2.1
daytime - 40 mins (and increasingly hit-and-miss whether she goes off at all)
night - usually 11.5-12 hours. Down at 7pm, up between 6.30 and 7.30pm.

just like adults, kids vary in how much sleep they need. dd is fine with no nap and a long nap can cause her to wake early.

Nappyzoneneedssleep Sun 28-Sep-08 20:05:07

DS is 2 early Nov. Sleepe 12-2 then in bed half 6 - 7 until half 6 - 7.30 . I owuld love to keep him up later to make him sleep later but he is wretched by half 6 and its just not worth the battle. He has his tea 4/ half 4 and a beaker of milk at bedtime.

ruddynorah Sun 28-Sep-08 20:05:28

dd is 2.4. no daytime nap. sleeps 7pm til 8am. went through a bad patch of waking at 6am when we stopped nappies at night time. she can now hold her wee til 8am.

routine is done by dh. basically upstairs from 6pm. bath sometimes or just wash and teeth. then stories and play in room. then small cup of milk and in bed at 6.45pm. she gets herself to sleep by 7pm.

pistachio Sun 28-Sep-08 20:18:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EffiePerine Sun 28-Sep-08 20:21:20

DS is 2. Bed 7:30ish, awake 6-7am. Usually has a nap late morning/early afternoon of an hour, but can miss it if he's feeling particularly stubborn grin. No nap usually means a broken night, so I try and get him to sleep if poss, also get him outside for a good part of the day for lots of exercise.

Gingeme Sun 28-Sep-08 21:21:53

Hey Effie how are you? Just checked out your profile. What a handsome brute you have there smile Hows bump coming along?
Sorry to hijack janjas smile

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 28-Sep-08 21:25:01

DS2 has just had his 2nd birthday.
he wakes around 7-7.30am
active to 1.30pm
sleeps 2 hours
bath book bed 6.30 - asleep 7-7.15pm

EffiePerine Sun 28-Sep-08 21:29:18

<waves to Gingeme>

DS is being testing at the moment but making up for it with lots of cuddles . Bump rapidly approaching gargantuan propertions and I'm not due till the end of the year shock

EffiePerine Sun 28-Sep-08 21:29:18

<waves to Gingeme>

DS is being testing at the moment but making up for it with lots of cuddles . Bump rapidly approaching gargantuan propertions and I'm not due till the end of the year shock

Gingeme Sun 28-Sep-08 21:39:13

<waves back to Effie>
End of the years not that far awayshock Glad all is well smile

janjas Mon 29-Sep-08 12:56:34

Thankyou everybody for your comments. Looks like she isn't doing too bad then! We moved her into a cot bed 2 days ago and she has taken to it really well which I'm quite suprised about. Its taking about half an hour at night to get her to sleep but then she is sleeping through and hasn't fallen out yet! She finally went to sleep at 8.15pm last night and woke at 6.30am so I don't suppose that is too bad. I might start putting her to bed a bit earlier if she is taking a while to drop off.

Gingeme Mon 29-Sep-08 15:44:04

You have to judge what she is comfortable with. Shell soon get the hang of it. A cot bed is a bit exciting isn't it? New covers and a bit more room to move around in smile your doing just fine. smile

imoannat Mon 20-Oct-08 07:28:06

Hello! I wish my son would sleep at night. He is just 2 and naps between 1 1/2 - 2 hrs normally after lunch (11.30 - 12 until 1.30 - 2) then he is down to bed for 7pm with no problems. My HV told me to cut his nap to an hr and stick with the same bedtime as DS is waking after 1pm several times and up for the day at 5-5.30am normally. Last night he was awake 3-4 times between 1am and 5am. I'm so desparate now - what to do? I think DS would have his full 2 hr nap still and maybe he would then be more rested for the night?! When on the odd day he doesn't sleep (he has nursery 2 mornings a week and generally will just rest after this rather than nap) he will go down at 6.30ish and maybe only wake once in the night. But that means he is completely shattered! I am a worrier as it is and am always searching for different ideas. He has never been a great sleeper...just wish I could finally have some sleep. I work 3 days a week too and feel like a zombie. Please, any help would be fantastic. TIA

imoannat Mon 20-Oct-08 07:29:27

Sorry correction...'is waking after 1AM several times ...'

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 20-Oct-08 07:52:19

Dd is 2.8. No daytime nap. At night sleeps roughly 7:30pm - 6:30am.

pepapig Tue 21-Oct-08 16:05:25

my 2.2 daughter slept through till we came home from the camping holiday in august then she used to wake at around 3-4 o'clock and i was in and out of bed taking her back to her own bed until she only stayed but now she started getting up at between 5-6 o'clock she goes to bed at 8 o'clock some days she has a afternoon nap but not for long but when she doesn't its still the same. Some days i am that tired I nod trying to keep awake. Any suggestion's will be appreciated

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