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I've got to get LO to sleep more during the day

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inscotland Sat 27-Sep-08 19:48:33

Because for the last week we're having screaming at night and he's now not self settling. He is 3 months old.

He sleeps for 3/4 of an hour at 08.30 and then at around 11.30 he'll usually go for an hour. Sometimes he will wake and if I go in and give him his dummy he may sleep for another 30-45 minutes. Sometimes he won't sleep again and is delighted to see me!

It then starts to go downhill from around 3 pm. I struggle to get him to sleep again, despite him giving me all the signs, especially if he has only had an hour late morning. I ended up taking him out in the pram and he did fall asleep but only for around 30 minutes. By 5 pm he couldn't keep his eyes open so I let him sleep for half an hour before feeding him and trying to get him into bed. We skipped his bath as he was so overtired but getting him into his cot was hell. He screamed and needed to be rocked in my husband's arms.

He was so good up until this week. Bath at 5.45, bottle and lights out at 6.30. I could hear him cooing away for around half an hour but he could always settle himself.

What can you suggest. I want to nip this in the bud quickly if I can.

COuld it be a growth spurt? Dirty nappies are fewer but he's not eating anymore than normal. Sometimes a full 6 oz bottle others he leaves a bit.

Becky77 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:23:05

I'd suggest getting rid of the dummy... My DD is 15 weeks and since getting rid of the dummy now does 1.5 hours at the morning and lunchtime nap. Like yours she only does 30minutes in the afternoon but that works out perfectly with the other two naps.

Before getting rid of the dummy we were having exactly the same problem with her being overtired by 6pm.

teddycat Sat 27-Sep-08 23:56:57

my 8 month old is terrible in the day, recently he has only been having three half hour naps then is knackered by 6:30 my only consolation is that he is usually very good at night, apart from the teething. If he has gone for a few days without a good sleep in the day I take him in to bed with me at about 4 oclock, he sleeps for as long as i wake him up by and to be honest i usually need a nap by then anyway or if not i read a book. its not ideal but every few days it does make him catch up a bit on the day time sleep.

nappyaddict Sun 28-Sep-08 01:01:39

would swaddling help? or a comfort toy with your perfume on it if you wear it? what about a white noise cd?

inscotland Sun 28-Sep-08 11:09:40

He's swaddled until the midnight feed and then we let him go as if we won't were woken by him trying to get free!

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