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Is it normal for an 11 month old not to be able to settle himself to sleep?

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LaVie Fri 26-Sep-08 20:48:09

That's it really! I know most of my friends with dcs of a similar age do not have to walk around with their dcs until asleep and then put them to bed.

We've always done this and tbh it only takes about 5 mins now so not too bad. However, when ds wakes in the night he can't get himself back to sleep which is a bit taxing at 3 am!

We(me and dh) tried pupd but tbh just gave up as ds just got really upset. We take it in turns to get ds to sleep and then get up in the night and the next morning with him so that's maybe why we haven't persevered with sleep training. We both know that every other night we will get a full nights sleep and a bit of a lie in.

Recently he has slept through completely a few times which is nice! But he's getting heavy! Will we always have to shush him to sleep?!

claireybee Fri 26-Sep-08 20:55:04

No. But you might have to help him a little bit. Have you tried sitting down with him rather than walking? If that doesn't work then at first stand on the spot but swaying/bouncing, once that works then stand still then graduate to sitting. Once sitting works try lying him on bed next to you, from there move onto putting him in his cot with your hand on his tummy or sitting next to the cot etc. It will take a lot longer than 5 minutes to get him to sleep though! Depends whether you see it as a problem or not. If not continue as you are, he may grow out of it on his own but he may not!

claireybee Fri 26-Sep-08 20:56:27

That was no you won't always have to shush him. Yes it is perfectly normal! (although obviously not the case with all babies)

LaVie Fri 26-Sep-08 22:22:30

Thankyou! I think me and dh are just kind of hoping that he'll just eventually get to sleep
by himself without any "training" from us.

It's just hard after a long day to think, well, I know I can get him to sleep in 5 mins by walking with him, or be up half the night doing pupd. Even though I know it will help him in the long run. We're wusses!

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