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I have a question about co-sleeping, matresses and SIDS

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BroccoliSpears Thu 25-Sep-08 14:30:11

I usually feed ds lying down on my bed and if and when he drops off I leave him to sleep there. I usually dream feed him before I go to bed myself. Sometimes I pop him in his cot, sometimes he spends the night in with me. Similarly after night feeds, sometimes he goes back into his cot and sometimes he stays in with us. When I get up in the morning if he's still sleeping in my bed I leave him there.

As I type this he is asleep on top of the duvet on my bed.

It has only just occured to me to wonder about matresses and SIDS. If he does the majority of his sleeping on my bed (sometimes on the bottom sheet, sometimes on top of the duvet), and my mattress is about 10 years old then surely I'm not adhereing to SIDS guidelines. Should I be lifting him in to his cot every time unless I'm there sleeping with him?

Perhaps I should get in to the habit of putting him in his cot anyway as once he's rolling I won't be able to leave him anyway. Still interested in whether or not it's wrong of me to let him sleep in my bed unattended.

mummyclare Thu 25-Sep-08 16:05:43

Cot-death is a real misnomer as generally SIDS babies these days are found in odd sleeping environments, e.g. on sofa, in a car seat. The cot is actually the lease likely place for them to die as long as they're on backs, foot to foot. We don't know why they die so who knows if your bed is safe or not while you're not there. I'd put him in the cot. Especially as this thought has now crossed your mind so you can be more relaxed if you know he is safe in his cot.

mummyclare Thu 25-Sep-08 16:06:11

sorry *least likely*

BroccoliSpears Thu 25-Sep-08 17:00:00

That makes sense. All this fussing about a NEW mattress, and then letting his sleep wherever he dozes off (yep, sofa, car seat, pram, baby gym...) is illogical.

theSuburbanDryad Thu 25-Sep-08 17:05:55

i let ds sleep in my bed from day 1 (after making a big fuss about getting a new crib mattress blush) and tbh my biggest worry would be if he was on top of the duvet, as it might be too soft and wrap itself round his nose/mouth IYSWIM.

I think, if you're not with him, put him in the cot, just to be on the safe side. smile

BroccoliSpears Thu 25-Sep-08 18:14:32

I worry about the duvet thing too - especially as he gets more grabby and able to pull it towards his face.

He is now asleep in his cot!

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