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Just wanted to have a quick rant, and ask a question about growth spurts....

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TettyLouBar Thu 25-Sep-08 10:06:18

Rant: I bumped into a old school friend yesterday who has a DD of about 18wks. Anyway we got on to the subject of sleep....her DD has NEVER woken in the night and has slept through since birth! GRRR angry
There rant over. grin

Question: My DD is nearly 15wks and was sleeping 7-7 with only 1-2 wakes (BF), but since the 12 wks jabs she's had a huge blip and is now waking 4-5 times a night! Please tell me this is a growth spurt! Its been going on for nearly 3 weeks! hmm

RubySlippers Thu 25-Sep-08 10:07:26

your friend is fibbing OR she is the 0.000001% of babies that this is true of

at 15 weeks my ds was all over the place with his sleeping and eating .. think it is quite usual

if she feeds well in the night then she is hungry and needs it

TheGabster Thu 25-Sep-08 13:20:52

You might just find that the extra comfort your LO wanted (and you probably/hopefully gave) around the jabs went down very nicely thank you very much, and she doesn't see what's wrong with more of the same. I know my DS started waking a lot in the night for weeks after the jabs, and then we generally realised sleep was getting worse and that it was time to help him learn how to self-settle.

I think there is a growth spurt at 3m and a HUUUUUUGGGGE growth spurt at 4mnths I know, which lasts weeks and if BFing, your milk should change too to cope with it. It depends if your LO is usually early with such things. Mine does seem to have growth spurts about 1-2wks ahead of the "norm".

Hope this helps

PS there is always SOMEBODY who reckons their baby never wakes in the night. They will have other problems later, when you are cruising along - don't worry.

TettyLouBar Thu 25-Sep-08 13:59:46

Thanks ladies, it was lovely to hear that my friend had such a settled baby, but I couldnt help thinking, "You can't be serious!" grin

I'm not really sure whether DD is ahead or behind in her growth spurts. She was 8 days overdue, so maybe she's just making up for time in the womb!

I will begin trying to settle her during the night without always assuming she needs feeding. she is generally good at self settling e.g. naps and initally dropping off to sleep she usually does by herself once I put her down.

But I was just wondering whether the period of a few weeks before the jabs when she was sleeping sooo soundly was actually the 12 week growth spurt making her tired and she's now back to her usual routine?? She was going for 9 hour stretches at night around this time and sometimes even napping for 3 x 2hour naps a day!!

Starshiptrooper Thu 25-Sep-08 15:52:25

AS well as a growth spurt I read they also have a major developmental spurt at 4 months which can affect their sleep and if you look online you'll see articles about "the 4 month sleep regression". It's a good thing in a way because it means they're working on important skills, but try telling yourself this at three in the morning. Anyway, I have tried a couple of things out of the 'no cry sleep solution' and after about five weeks of waking 5 times a night, she only woke once last night and twice the night before (hurray!!). Fingers crossed it isn't a blip.

TettyLouBar Thu 25-Sep-08 19:38:17

Wow, that 4 month sleep regression stuff is really interesting! Thanks for the tip Starship!
Ive even ordered a book about it which was recommended on one of the websites I found.
Glad to hear your having some success with your DD.

Becky77 Thu 25-Sep-08 20:04:55

Oh no... I'm not looking forward to that

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