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Advice re 2yo starting day at 4am

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cyanarasamba Tue 23-Sep-08 21:01:39

Looking for some advice for my lovely sister please. She is in pieces at the moment through sleep deprivation.

Her 2.3yo ds goes to bed no earlier than 8pm. He generally stirs in the night at least once and needs settling back down. He likes to start his day any time between 3-4am(although has been known to refuse to go back to sleep from 1am on a bad night).

He has around an hours nap at lunchtime, but is obviously very tired by late morning.

I'm really worried about her, she is unable to enjoy her family or really function sometimes. My mum and dad have him to stay once a week to give her a decent nights sleep.

As the mother of a child who slept through from 7 weeks I don't really know what to suggest. Also he still has very little language so I am starting to worry there is more to it. Should she see her GP - would a sleep clinic help?

RubySlippers Tue 23-Sep-08 21:08:53

i would try a technique called wake to sleep

it is a baby whisperer thing and there are some threads on here about it (search archives)

i have done it myself when DS was 1 and waking at 5 am every day

also, an earlier bedtime may help ...

what do they do when he wakes at 3 am????

the language is a separate issue and not always an indication of some issue but of course she could mention it to her HV

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