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11 month old waking too early from naps

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likessleep Tue 23-Sep-08 18:45:52

My DS has never been a good daytime napper, always infrequent and short!
He had got better over last couple of months, sleeping up to two hours on occasion shock.
However, recently, after his lunchtime nap, he is waking after 1 hour, very distressed, screaming and doing that whole out of breath / can't catch breath sobbing. It takes a lot to calm him down and he is basically very overtired. It's almost as though he has had a bad dream and can't quite wake up, IYKWIM.
Any ideas as to how I can help my little man to sleep a bit longer and avoid these distressing episodes?
Thank you!
PS I am normally happy to leave him crying for a while, as he does self settle, but this is break your heart distressed crying.

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