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How long after putting baby to bed would you go in and help them settle to sleep?

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forevared Tue 23-Sep-08 09:57:32

I'm just interested to find out how long other mums and dads would leave their lo for after putting them to bed.

DS2 is 6 months and after a terrible couple of months at night we resorted to CC. It has worked (I think) and now ds can get himself to sleep but it takes ages. He's better in the day but at night he can be lying there for up to 2 hours. If he was upset, crying or distressed I'd go in to him naturally, but he seems quite happy. He chats away to his teddy, bangs his legs up and down and generally sounds like he's having a party in there. So I feel stumped as to what to do, and wondered how long other mumsnetters' babies are taking to fall asleep, what would you do or whether you have this with your lo's.

I know it's not a major problem and I count myself very lucky that the CC worked (to some extent). Also, I'm making sure I'm not putting him down too early - all the right sleep cues etc...

rosmerta Tue 23-Sep-08 15:57:42

With ds (2.8) if he's happy & just chatting, we go in after around 30-40mins to settle him down again. Going up once seems to do the trick, sometimes we have to go up a 2nd time but after that we tend to leave him as it just seems to get him going all over again.


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