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Is this sleep deprivation... or something else?

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beansprout Sat 26-Feb-05 21:08:43

Ds needs a lot of feeding at the moment which means not enough sleep for me. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

I have started to frequently feel light-headed/dizzy/like I am losing my balance. Is this a normal consequence (which is what I think) or should I go and see my doctor (which is what dp thinks)?

Has anyone else had this?


pixiefish Sat 26-Feb-05 21:09:32

I get like that when I'm tired/hungry. How old is ds? Try and get some sleep when he's sleeping

beansprout Sat 26-Feb-05 21:11:06

Ds is 4 months. Eating is not a problem and he will only have pretty short naps during the day so not easy to catch up. Unfortunately, he is not one of those babies who needs a lot of sleep!

mummylonglegs Sat 26-Feb-05 21:12:24

Have you felt like this before when you've been extremely tired for a different reason? I remember being very exhausted when dd was a newborn but I don't remember feeling very dizzy. Might be worth getting your blood pressure tested?

MummytoSteven Sat 26-Feb-05 21:12:37

could you need iron tablets (especially if you are having heavy periods atm). could be worth seeing doc, if only to get your iron count done.

prunegirl Sat 26-Feb-05 21:12:54

Message withdrawn

SPARKLER1 Sat 26-Feb-05 21:14:28

I have had spells like this and still do. I put it down to tiredness. Make sure that you eating and drinking plenty. Do you have anyone to watch Ds for you for a short space of time to try and catch up with a bit of sleep? If you still feel the same then it might be worth getting a check up. Do you still go to baby clinic? If so, mention it to your health visitor next time you are able to see her.

pixiefish Sat 26-Feb-05 21:15:02

go to see your gp if you're worried- as prunegirl suggests it could well be a lack of iron- (broccoli and apricots are rich in iron)
I was like this (still am sometimes) dd not the greates sleeper. Can you get someone to take him for a little walk so that you can get a nap. Also make sure you're eating properly

pixiefish Sat 26-Feb-05 21:15:38

Posts crossed with sparkler- sorry for repetition x

marne Sat 26-Feb-05 21:16:27

Got a dd who is one she never sleeps all night and my dh gets up to see to her as i work and he doesnt, Some days he finds it hard to stand up gets dizy etc..
Sounds like you are just realy tierd! Hope it gets beter sooon, if not i suggest lettinng a relitive or friend to look after your little one for a night so you can sleep!

beansprout Sat 26-Feb-05 21:41:30

Thanks everyone. Will make doubly sure my iron levels are ok (tend to be borderline), will keep close eye on eating and drinking and if it doesn't improve, will see GP re bp.

Thanks for your help.

bambi06 Sat 26-Feb-05 21:47:39

i suffer from that and its anaemia with me but although its borderline my dr said that although my iron levels look ok i can be symptomatic in that i show signs of anaemia although clinically am not but my body needs more than average person therefore i get the symptoms ..if you understand what i`m trying to say

musicmaker Sat 26-Feb-05 21:49:54


I would go to see you gp anyway just to rule anything out but I remember when I breastfed I would feel dizzy if I had not eaten. I had to eat all the time something every 30 minutes, an apple, raisins etc... I think thats what speeded my metabolism up. Breast feeding does take alot out of you, so you probably know that it is vital to drink plenty of fluids and eat healthu snacks regularly

suzywong Sat 26-Feb-05 22:08:00

get your gp to check you thyroid function levels in a simple blood test too

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