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Moses basket to cot?

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Becky77 Mon 22-Sep-08 08:14:08

OK so my DD has been in her moses basket inside het cot for about 4 weeks now but at 14 weeks she is starting to get too big for the basket so soon it will be time to make the transfer.

What can I do to make it smoother? Are bumpers really still a health risk? She's used to not being able to see out.

Has anyone heard of rolling up towels and putting them under the sheet to make it more nest like? Or should I just bite the bullet?

bubblagirl Mon 22-Sep-08 09:03:59

my son was fine with going straight into cot had mobile going and enjoyed looking at that aslo had a light that played music on side of cot he just slept better as soon as he got into cot i think he enjoyed being able to sprawl out

Becky77 Mon 22-Sep-08 09:08:38

Hmmm yes... I have been thinking she may be wanting to sprawl out I'm just scared to rock the boat blush

I think her mobile would be too distracting though as she gets really hyped up when she watches it.

pudding25 Mon 22-Sep-08 09:23:35

We transferred dd to cotbed (huge!) at 13 wks from the moses basket. We started with daytime naps. To be honest, we did have about a week of disruption but after that, she was fine. Not sure about the bumpers though.

Becky77 Mon 22-Sep-08 09:28:02

Yep we have a cotbed too... I've put her down in it for this mornings nap... I think I can hear whimpering so I may chicken out blush a weeks disrupted sleep sounds rather nasty right now!

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