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9 month old used to have two long naps. Is she alright on just one?

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weebump Sun 21-Sep-08 22:47:44

My 9 month old is a good sleeper in general. Up till now our day used to look like this:

8 am wake - bottle
9 am breakfast
*10 am nap for 2 hours*
12 wake - bottle
1 pm - lunch
*3 pm nap for 1 hour*
4 pm wake - bottle
6 pm dinner
7.30 bottle then bed

Her afternoon nap was often later, depending on what we were up to, but didn't seem to affect bed time at all.

So, anyway, a couple of weeks ago she started crawling and this week she was climbing everything - including the cot. When I put her down for her nap in the morning she just wouldn't sleep. She wasn't crying, just climbing up, getting stuck, rolling around, sitting up. For a couple of days this continued, and she eventually fell asleep at about mid-day. Then she flat out refused her afternoon nap for a couple of days in a row. Am I right in thinking that she now just needs one big nap in the middle of the day? Or is this just a phase and she should still have 2 naps?

Over the weekend we tried one nap at 12-2. She does get a bit overtired now before dinner, so it seems a long stretch without a nap. Also, I don't know when to fit in her feeds now, as a nap in the middle of the day is when she usually has lunch. I thought we had a great routine going, and now I don't know what to do. A friend of mine commented that she was too young for one nap only, and that she'd probably go back to 2. Any advice/tips?

MidgetGem Mon 22-Sep-08 21:16:52

My DD started to drop one of her naps about 9-10 months, she started to push her morning nap to about 10:30-11am for a couple of hours. I now give her a cup of milk about 10 - 10:30ish then she goes off to sleep 10:30 to 11ish for a couple of hours then has lunch 12:30 to 1ish. For the first few weeks, she was a bit overtired and had to go to bed earlier then normal and she sometimes nodded off late afternoon if we were out and about in the car but she seems to have settled herself into this routine now (she is 11 months).

snickersnack Mon 22-Sep-08 21:19:13

ds dropped his second sleep around 9 months - I think it was on the young side, but not unheard of. He now sleeps from 10-11.30am, bed at 7pm then through to around 5.30am (grr). What about trying an earlier nap - milk before nap, have lunch ready for when she wakes, then put her to bed earlier if necessary if she's looking sleepy.

weebump Wed 24-Sep-08 00:05:15

Thanks for the replies. Things are a bit all over the shop, sleep pattern-wise. Poor wee thing was yawning and rubbing her eyes pretty early the other morning so I put her in her cot at her usual time, and - hooray - she fell asleep. She also slept in the afternoon. In fact I had to wake her at 5.30 after 1.5 hours. Great. Until she woke up at 2 am full of beans and ready to play. Aaargh!

I wouldn't be too bothered, only she won't sleep in her pram any more, and gets very moany and whingey when she's over tired, so I'm finding it hard to plan our day.

geminigirl Wed 24-Sep-08 00:14:05

My 10 month old DS isn't that fussed on his afternoon sleep this last few weeks but he is going to bed earlier now. He goes at about 8 to 8.30 as opposed to going at 9.30. what time does anyone elses DCs go to bed for the night?

MidgetGem Wed 24-Sep-08 20:51:25

Hi geminigirl, my DD 11 months went to bed 7:30 to 8 when she was having two naps but now she has dropped down to one nap she is tired earlier and most nights is asleep by 7pm!

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