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21 month old waking early! Please help..

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JULIEABBO Sun 21-Sep-08 07:11:51

My son has never been one to sleep late but in July when we went on holiday we started to put him to bed later and he slept till 7.10 most mornings. It was heaven as he had previously done 5.30ams. It went well for a while but now we are back to 5.30 5.45 etc. We have tried everything - blacked out room, leaving him to cry, he is now going to be at 8pm but still wakes so early. Is it a phase or is he just someone who likes to see the early morning?

geordieminx Sun 21-Sep-08 07:19:54

No advice but if you find the miracle cure let me know please!

Ds is 17 months and has always been an early riser - 5am sometimes!!! We occasionally get a few days/week of 6.30/7.00am's and we get tricked into thinking thats it.. then BANG - 5.30 again, although it normally coincides with him being a bit under the weather/teething


JULIEABBO Sun 21-Sep-08 07:23:52

It's ok! I think it's just something you just have to learn to live with and look forward to the teenage years when they will sleep all day!
I think one of the only things that has worked is a total black out- well it did for us for a bit

singingtree Sun 21-Sep-08 07:26:09

I don't know, we are in exactly the same boat with our 20 month old. It's exhausting

mammyofET Sun 21-Sep-08 07:53:15

My DS (23m) was like this and was alway an early riser. This may sound a bit odd but we put him to bed a bit earlier. Apparently it is something to do with them getting into a deeper sleep that they're likely to stay into (not sure if it is true but it worked for us).

My DS goes to bed 7-7.30 and sleeps until about 6.30-7. If this routine is disrupted and he goes to bed later he tends to get up earlier rather than lie in.

JULIEABBO Sun 21-Sep-08 08:30:32

I will try it! We did used to put him to bed around 7 ish and he still woke at 5.30 bvut will let you know!

JULIEABBO Sun 21-Sep-08 08:30:33

I will try it! We did used to put him to bed around 7 ish and he still woke at 5.30 bvut will let you know!

geordieminx Sun 21-Sep-08 08:36:56

Ds goes to bed at 6.30 hmm sad

mammyofET Sun 21-Sep-08 13:41:01

I really hope that it work for you. I know that you will try anything when they're not sleeping or waking too early. I sympathise.

GM- I don't suppose that you can put them to bed any earlier than that really wink.

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