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Good Sleep Regression Aggghhhh

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Mumbree Fri 25-Feb-05 16:48:56

Salutations to all other fishwives out there (what I have been reduced to this week!)

We trained she-devil at 4 months to settle to sleep on her own, and by 18 months she was then sleeping through from 7pm till 7am. Smugness short lived. No.2 born in July 04 when she-devil 22 months. A few problems with sleep initially (had to make sure bro went earlier etc) but then all seemed fine.....until now. Not only does one of us have to sit with her until she goes to sleep, but 75% of the time she wakes around 4 - 4.30am crying and wont go back to sleep unless I get into bed with her (which I know is bad but anything for sleep - and I know you all totally get where I'm coming from) She is then up at 5.45 - 6am - which I can live with - just not her adding to the broken sleep I'm already getting courtesey of her bro.

Any ideas?

nnosam Fri 25-Feb-05 17:07:00

no ideas but lots of sympathy.
my ds has been sleeping 6.30 pm till about 5.30 then going back to sleep till about 7.45. lovely.
this week every nite, it been almost every 2 hours hes waking and crying and i have no idea why.
and i now feel like ugh.

Mumbree Fri 25-Feb-05 19:46:46

Teeth? How about the old favourite - growth spurt... maybe change in waether and he's too hot/cold - the list is endless 9and boy do we know it!)

TracyK Fri 25-Feb-05 20:18:42

Is she too young for sticker chart? maybe she's feeling a bit lonely/jealous maybe she thinks - if ds cries in the night and gets to see you - why shouldn't she??

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