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Moved DD from cot to bed - now doesnt want to go to sleep and waking several times a night - why????

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mum2becks Fri 19-Sep-08 08:45:11

DD is 2 and have recently got her a 'big girls bed' letting her help choose bedding etc and she is very excited by her new room BUT doesnt seem to want to actually sleep in it!!!

She has always been a good sleeper and slept usually 7pm - 7am in her cot without waking, now she is still tired and will go up to bed at the usual time but wont be left on her own (like I would have done putting her into cot) so I read her a bedtime story and have now started staying in her room until she falls asleep otherwise the second I leave the room she gets up and follows me!!

She also now wakes several times a night, sometimes shouts me but mainly just comes running into our bedroom with various excuses - need wee wee, lost dummy, not ty ty (tired), and the new one last night was 'sleep in mummys bed'!! She has never slept in our bed so dont know where that one suddenly came from hmm I have been putting her back to bed every time but it is getting exhausting as I am expecting 2nd DC in 6 weeks and need some sleep

Please has anyone got any suggestions or experince of this and what worked for you??

mum2becks Fri 19-Sep-08 13:26:22


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