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pigleychez Fri 19-Sep-08 08:40:43

Went to baby group yesterday for tr first time only for a lady to comment about my DD's "Terrible sleep routine".
Its now got me questioning my bedtime habits and wondered what you guys thought.

DD is 8 weeks old and we generally put her in her moses basket at about 10 pm. Sometimes she goes straight off, other times can take a good hour to settle herself.

If she goes off to sleep in the moses basket about 11 or 12 then she will go till about 5.30/6 or even 7 ish and when she goes down at 10 then its more 3/4 ish. When we put her to bed in her basket depends when she has her last bottle. ie 9 or 10 pm.

She tends to have a longish sleep of 5/6 hours but after that feed its back to the normal 3/4 hours.. so for example 10 till 3 then 6 then 9.

Weve been debating putting her down earlier at 7/8 but then she will have her long sleep while we are awake downstairs and then we will be up every 3 hours with her during the night. At least if she goes at 10/11 we get the benefit from her long sleep period. Is that being selfish? blush DD is usually asleep in her rocker in the evening so we still get quiet evenings but her sleep isnt her deep night sleep IYKWIM.

Anyway... This lady was saying she should be in bed by 7 and should be going 12 hours by now! shock Shes only 8 weeks old and I dont know of any baby going that long. In fact id be worried if she went that long without a feed!
She was saying I needed to put her down earlier and thats she will never go to bed before 11 if I dont start now. She seemed very shocked.

Just wondering how much of a bad mummy ive been by giving her such a "terrible" routine.

pigleychez Fri 19-Sep-08 08:41:42

ohh poo! forgot a title! Doh!

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