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will not sleep

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ang22 Tue 16-Sep-08 22:19:22

i am having real problems getting my 6 week old to fall asleep. once he is asleep he is fine but i have to swaddle him and almost pin him to me with a dummy in his mouth just to get him to sleep and then he still fights it for a good twenty mins before giving up. he has done this since he was two weeks old. he wont even settle in pushchair or car seat. He just seems to cry when he fights it too. problem is i also have a 2 half year old who is suffering as i seem to spend most my time fighting to get my baby to sleep. Any suggestions?

misi Tue 16-Sep-08 22:39:23

I used chamamilla in the last bottle before ''night time'' bedtime for my son as he was like this.

this is the readily available version

its for teething but the chamamilla works to help calm the body so was effective for both the sleeping problem and then teething later on

you can get stronger doses but the teetha was easily put into his bottle or earlier, my ex put on on her nipple so he took it before he fed. the little pills of the stronger type be placed in the mouth and held there but bear in mind, the potency can be destroyed by touching with your hand so maube use a rubber glove if you do it this way?

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