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Anyone else's DC refuses to sleep in their cot?

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supercherry Mon 15-Sep-08 20:52:45

My 7.5mth old DS seems to dislike his cot in favour of our bed. It's not because we're in it either! If I put him to bed in his cot he will wake after say 20 mins but will sleep quite well when put down in our bed alone a t 8pm. He is a fidgeter and rolls around loads before deciding which side he wants to sleep on and he wakes if his feet or arms touch the bars on the side of the cotbed. He often sleeps horizontally too meaning he takes up loads of room in the bed. My DP and I literally have to manouver around him. If I move DS over he wakes and cries. If he tries to fidget and one of us is in his way he wakes and cries. It is a nightmare really. I have a virtually unused Mamas and Papas cotbed, mattress and bedding in DS's roombut that is not good enough it seems he wants a double. What do i do? Buy him his own bed?

Lucyand2 Tue 16-Sep-08 10:04:03

My DD2 hates her cot, she starts screaming and pulling herself right up to the bars whenever I put her in it.
She's been sleeping in our bed since birth and to be honest I'm fed up of it. There's a good co-sleeping thread that you might want to look at, I've just been there looking for help!
Stick with the cot, they are much easier eventually. DD1 is over 2 now and loves hers (it stops her getting out of bed too early as well!)

supercherry Tue 16-Sep-08 16:24:21

Lucyand2, how old is your DD2? Co-sleeping means my LO gets more sleep but it's not so good for me and my DP. To be honest, my DS has periods where he sleeps OK then it gets worse again, I'm trying to just go with it, knowing that it will eventually get better. I often read through the sleep threads on here but I get the overall impression that there's not alot that can be done and they tend to improve on their own. It just seems that my DS really prefers the double bed- ha ha! I am seriously considering buying him a bed of his own (with guards fitted).

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