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finallypregnant Mon 15-Sep-08 08:40:00

I wonder if I can have your input on.

DS goes to bed at 6.30 (he's 11 weeks old). He'll wake between 11.30 and midnight for a feed so we decided a couple of nights ago to try and dream feed him at 10 when we go to bed to see if he'll sleep on a bit.

He just won't take to it! He'll suckle and take a little milk from the bottle but just fall asleep again! Is it worth continuing or are we wasting our time?

Also during the night when he wakes he'll be fed but only takes a little milk again which is annoying because I feel that if he were to take a fuller feed earlier on he'd sleep longer than the 2 hours or so we're getting at the moment as he's going 1, 3 and 5 before getting up at 7!

Next (!) When he wakes at 7 within an hour he's yawning. He'll have a 45minute sleep in his moses basket at around 9 am and may be a further similar sleep later in the day but he always seems to yawn, even though he's just woken up. I know yawning is a trigger of a tired baby but I am getting a bit concerned that he's not getting enough sleep in the day. He won't sleep for longer than 30-45 minutes and I just wonder if anyone has any tips to try and extend this sleeping pattern?

Becky77 Mon 15-Sep-08 09:29:58

They do yawn when they've just woken up too... Just like adults do... Ignore those ones and only respond to the yawns roughly 1.5-2 hours after he's woken up Also 30-45 minutes is really normal at that age... My DD is 13 weeks and still only manages 45 minute naps during the day... I've heard of babies only doing 2 25 minute naps a day so we should think ourselves lucky! grin

With regard to the feeds at night, are you sure he needs feeding each time? Could you settle him in other ways ie a dummy or just holding and shhh patting? I wouldn't feed more often than every 4 hours at night.

Becky77 Mon 15-Sep-08 09:31:10

Oh and dream feeding never has an effect on our DD... I only ever do it if she's gone to bed early from overtiredness and missed her bedtime feed.

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