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sweaty head cold feet, cover up?

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moocowme Sun 14-Sep-08 20:32:01

my 1yo ds has always been a hottie. whenever he sleeps he gets a sweaty head but now that it is getting cooler his feet and hands feel cold if I leave him uncovered. i wonder if i should pop some socks on him or cover him with a blanket. head might be a bit sweatier but his body will not be to hot i hope. hmm what to do so he is the right temp.

misi Mon 15-Sep-08 00:53:57

my son was like this, a grobag sorted him out as blankets slid off as did duvets mainly cos he moved around so much, one night, I went into him to find him with not only his feet where his head should have been but also his feet were half up the headboard of the cot ????
somehow, socks always ended up on the floor by the morning hmm his still doesn't like wearing socks now.

gigglewitch Mon 15-Sep-08 01:00:32

i've got one of those hottie ones too. he's zzzing with his socks on (2 pairs : one for his feet and another for his hands) and the window flying wide open hmm He is 7yo <even more insane than me>

avenanap Mon 15-Sep-08 01:04:19

ds is like this aswell. Socks are useful. If he's feeling particularly cold he'll put socks on his hands before he goes to sleep. He has been known to put on a hat and jumper too, I've had to take them off him because he sweats. I just cover the parts that are cold.

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