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When does your 10/11 month old nap?

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MarlaSinger Fri 12-Sep-08 10:01:39

DS used to be pretty predictable and would nap at 10 and 2, ish anyway but I am not sure if he is dropping one and ready for one long nap or if that's too soon? He is getting harder to read, I don't know if he is tired or not.

Never followed any routines or anything by the way, but he has just started nursery 3 days a week while I go back to work so I suppose that can be disruptive...

HeadFairy Fri 12-Sep-08 10:03:34

ds has had a long 2 hour nap at about 11am from about 7 months. I used to wake him up thinking it was too long, but he was so grumpy in the afternoons, so I started letting him sleep longer. He's one tomorrow and he still has his 2 hours in the late morning (I think his cm has his nap a little later to fit in with her routine better)

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