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4.10 DD & 3.4 DS share a can I get them sleeping better?

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mummyineedyounow Fri 12-Sep-08 07:12:59

DD & DS go to bed at around 7-7.30pm after bath and storytime. They take around an hour to go to sleep (sometimes much, much longer). I am running up and down the stairs telling them off whilst they are giggling, saying they are lonely, scared, need a wee, poo and anything else they can think of. I'm not too worried by this but DD wakes up at around 6am (sometimes much earlier!)and is just wide awake. She generally wakes her brother up as well. Again, I wasn't too worried by the early waking as DP is off to work by 6am and obviously his getting up is disturbing the kids. To add to this I am generally up twice in the night with them (again any excuse). I feel daft posting this as they are not babies and surely I should have the sleep thing sussed by now.

My problem is DD has just started in reception and is exhasted by 4pm and crying, stroppy etc. How can I get her to go to sleep earlier, wake up later?

Any ideas greatfully received.

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