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I think we've got monkeys

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TinkerBellesMum Thu 11-Sep-08 22:10:20

For about three weeks Tink is waking at around 3:30-4am, she only sleeps when she is co-sleeping (has been in a caravan with her grandparents, stayed with her nan who couldn't put the travel cot up on her own so had her in with her, slept with me at my parents because my nephew had the cot but nowhere will she sleep alone).

Last night she wouldn't go down and got really worked up, she seemed spooked. We tried getting in bed with her but she lay there with her eyes open holding on tight to me. In the end I had had enough and got up. TBD put her back in her cot but she got hysterical again and managed to somehow climb out of her cot! I let her curl up on my lap with a cot quilt, she went to sleep and then woke up suddenly, walked towards the sofa, tripped over her shoe and went to sleep on the floor! I left her there because at least she was asleep and got on the sofa. Again she woke up around 4am and got on the sofa with me.

I'm on my own tonight so let her sleep on my lap for a bit. I put her on the sofa and put some pull ups on her, she didn't wake up, put her in her cot and she wakes up. If I put her on my bed she wouldn't sleep, she'd come back to me.

We're both wrecked and out of ideas. First we thought it was because of dawn as we don't have curtains so I put a quilt over part of her cot but that's not helped and she does it elsewhere too. We don't know what to do and this is really getting us down, I'm pregnant and the lack of sleep is wearing me out.

Could really do with some help. I'm sitting here crying because she's calling me

(If you've missed the point of the title, Monkeys Round the Bedpost, nightmares)

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