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Is there a certain amount of sleep

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jojoisamum Wed 10-Sep-08 13:10:44

Recommended for a 10 week old?

During the night, DS is good. Goes down at 6.30 before waking for feeds at 11.30, 3.30 and then up between 6.30 and 7 am but I just wonder what sleep we should be aiming for during the day.

He'll usually have 45 minutes around 9.30 and then a similar nap mid afternoon but I am wondering if this is enough.

He is very very tired by 6.30 pm to the extent that he does get upset if we're late getting him in the bath etc.

We're not in any set routine. We're not a routine sort of family due to everyone working shifts so not fussed about him sleeping at specific times.

lovelymama Thu 11-Sep-08 09:45:09

Hi jojoisamum. good night sleeping for a 10 week old! i have friends whose babies barely sleep during the day but my DS would never survive on so little sleep. At 10 weeks he definitely needed a more chunky nap at lunch time. Perhaps if he had a good sleep at lunchtime (my DS had up to 2 hours!) he would be a little happier at bathtime. I think the better DS slept during the day, the better he would sleep at night.

pudding25 Thu 11-Sep-08 12:57:15

He should be having about 3.5hrs sleep during the day.

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