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4-month old used to co-sleep, now in the cot and wakes up every 2 hours

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mamusia Wed 10-Sep-08 12:46:38

My lovely DD slept with me from night two - mostly attached to my brest. By the time she was six weeks old she only woke up at midnight and 5 to feed. Than at 2.5 mths she had a cold and gp advised to put her in the car seat for the night so she could breath more easely - it warked a treat - she slept in it until now- from 8 - 8.30 not waking up till 3 am (with ocasional blips half an hour after falling asleep). 3 days ago SHE REFUSED TO GO TO SLEEP IN THE CAR SEAT OR WITH ME IN BED - SHE CHOSE THE COT. It would be brilliant as I was wandering how to help her get userd to slleping in cot - BUT SHE STARTED WAKING UP EVERY 2 HOURS AND DEMANDING A FEED? What do i do ? Help smile

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