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When do they stop needing afternoon naps?

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fizzbuzz Mon 08-Sep-08 21:22:19

Dd was 2 in July.

For about the last 3 months we have had fun and games at bedtime. She won't settle easily, despite all rapid returning etc.

She goes down much faster when she hasn't had an afternoon nap, but is still just as bad sometimes even then.

To be even more confusing, she will also sometimes go down about 7.30pm even with a nap.

When we have the night time shinanneghans she is always tired next day, but perks up after an afternoon sleep.

If left to her own devices she ould slepp 8.30pm to 8.15 am, with a nap about 1.30.

But when we have slowly tried to bring her bedtime forward, we get this every night, BUT she has to get up at about 7.15.

Am very confused as to whether she needs this nap or not. She seems very tired without it, especially after a couple of days, and she has always seemed to need slightly more sleepthan average

S1ur Tue 09-Sep-08 02:06:53

At two it is a bit of a transition stage.

Some need naps and some don't

But I focus on what you expect from her and what se needs and wants. In short I would be flexible at this stage.

Sometimes children find it hard to go to sleep however much slepp or lack or sleep they have had.

They are not easily pigeonholed grin

LittleMissTickles Tue 09-Sep-08 03:34:17

My DD1 dropped nap at 3.3, DD2 dropped it at 2.2. She is now 2.6 and still sometimes has a few minutes' sleep in the car, but on the whole goes without a nap.

I would agree though that after a few days she is extremely tired by late afternoon, which will of course result in tantrums. But getting her to bed at night is much quicker (and earlier) without nap. I am hoping she will get used to it at some stage! Isn't 2 fun wink?

AussieSim Tue 09-Sep-08 05:14:48

my 5.5 year old DS naps on the days he is not in kindergarten which are wed, sat, and sun anywhere from 2.5 -4 hours from 12.30pm. If he misses a nap for more than 2 days running his behaviour goes downhill. His 3yo brother naps everyday stlll. 3 days he is in childcare and only gets 45min/1hr and seems to spend the rest of the week trying to catch up. Basically our arvos are shot and we don't plan anything for earlier then 3.30pm. They both have no problem going to bed at 7.30pm and sleep through till 6 or 7am. I need them to be up by 7 if I am going to get to DS1's school on time. I just hope that DD 3mo gets into he same routine shortly but doesn't hold onto it for quite so long as her brothers. I also don't know how DS1 will cope next year with 5 days straight without a nap. And no - I don't know anyone else whos children love their naps as mich as my boys. I don't complain as it gives DH and I a chance to .... while we both still have the energy

fizzbuzz Tue 09-Sep-08 20:08:19

It's just so confusing!

Today MIL had her. She fell asleep from 2.30-4.30.sad Dp is trying to get her to sleep now, but some hope, just solid screaming ATM

juliax3 Wed 10-Sep-08 07:47:47

how long do you let her nap?

mine are 2,7 now and i have just cut down their nap to 1 and quarter hours because they started to not want to go to bed at the usual 8pm.
do you have too exciting bedtime routine??

sarah293 Wed 10-Sep-08 07:48:58

Message withdrawn

lizziemun Wed 10-Sep-08 08:24:47

DD1 id 4.9yrs and still has a nap in the afternoon if she needs one. Up to a year ago she had a sleep most days.

I would say you dc doesn't want to sleep now as she is not tired because her afternoon nap is to late. I always try to afternoon naps between 12pm and 3pm.

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Sep-08 17:23:07

Usually she goes down at about 12.30 in the afternoon.

It's just she seems to prefer an 8-8 schedule rather than 7-7. On an 8-8 she naps about 1.30pm.

She slleps for about 1 1/4 -1.1/2 hours

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