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Cot to bed - may be working!

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Lovage Mon 08-Sep-08 10:51:25

Just wanted to update on previous post despairing about DS(2)'s transition to bed, in hope of encouraging others.

Day 1 - hysterical crying despite loving new bed - just didn't want to sleep in it, or in cot, or be left alone in room. Eventually fell asleep in cot.

Day 2 - on and off crying (non hysterical) for 2 hours with DP in room the whole time. Eventually fell asleep in DP's arms, then put into bed where he slept the rest of the night

Day 3 - Similar to day 2 except woke in the night (? stomach pain) and took 3 s*dding hours to get him back to sleep (would usually take about 1/2 an hour). Refused cot and bed, hysterical crying, both of us at end of tether. Eventually asleep in DP's arms, then put into bed where slept til morning.

Day 4 - Decided to take him to grandparents' house (which he really likes) because we were desperate for a reasonable night's sleep ourselves. He slept in their cot, all very easy and like it used to be.

Day 5 - Home again. Got into his bed very happily. Wanted DP to lie down with him, which he did, but then DS started headbutting DP hard. DP said he'd go away if he did it again, DS did it again, DP went away, expecting to have to go back in very soon. DS cried for 2 mins, then went into the chuntering chatting to toys routine that he used to have in his cot. Did that for an hour, as he always used to, then fell asleep. Woke and cried briefly in the night 3 times (usually does 1 - 2 times) but otherwise fine.

I don't feel as if we're home and dry (especially as he's not had a nap in his bed yet) but I do feel there's progress and light at the end of the tunnel.

I think it may have helped that he had a lovely weekend with grandparents, which put him in a co-operative and happy mood. Also the gradual build up from going to sleep in DP's arms and finding himself in the bed when he woke up to falling asleep on his own in the bed.

ajm200 Mon 08-Sep-08 11:01:51

Glad you are making progress. We are just going though the cot-bed transition too and the first night reduced me to tears so I feel for you.

DS 21 months spent all day getting in and out of his bed and babbling about bed, all night, big boy so we thought he'd love it.

He was fine until we turned the light out when he started to cry and babble including statements like 'no big boy' 'no bed' 'I baby now' 'no all night'. I ended up in tears and he took an hour to settle.

Last night he took 30 mins to stop crying but laid there awake for another hour. He woke several times in the night and had trouble settling himself...

The daft thing is he knows he can get in and out of the bed while playing in his room but won't get out of the bed by himself in the mornings. Instead, he calls us and shouts 'help out' repeatedly.

Lovage Mon 08-Sep-08 12:49:26

I did have this vain hope that being able to get out of the bed might mean we got more of a lie-in in the mornings - that he might get up and play happily on his own. But no, like yours, he lies there and calls for us - 'Daddy wake up!' in his case.

Fingers crossed for both of us tonight...

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