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Travel cots - what age do they go up to?

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Jen1978 Sun 07-Sep-08 20:17:39

am wondering what we do once DS is too big for normal cot at grandparents house. Do we get a travel cot, or something else? Can you get bigger travel cots that take them up to older ages?
DS is 16 months now and has a cot bed at home so has loads of room but at my parents house (where we stay quite infrequently) he has a cot and he looks quite big in that these days and I am thinking that it won't really work past the age of 2.

What do you guys do?

dinkystinky Sun 07-Sep-08 21:47:04

Until they can get out of it...

DS is 2.5 months old - in cot bed at home with lots of space left; we use a cotbed at my mum & dad's with no problem but travel cot at my mother in laws. Last time we were there my DS managed to climb out of travel cot and out the room and down the stairs - in his grobag! - so we're now moving him to a proper bed with bedrails at nana's!

Lubyloo Sun 07-Sep-08 21:57:04

I think he will outgrow travel cot before a normal cot as they are smaller. My DD 2.11 has only just gone into a bed. She still fit fine in her cot but wanted to be able to get up for the toilet so put her in a bed. She is taller than most of her friends of the same age.

I agree that the issue is going to be whether he can get out of the cot rather than fit in it.

Jen1978 Mon 08-Sep-08 21:43:19

He is quite short and small in gneral for his age so think he might be ok for a bit! Dinkystinky I am laughing my socks off that your dd climbed out of her travel cot in a grobag, that is pretty impressive!! At the moment DS doesn't even bother to try and stand up in his cotbed at home, just lies there or sits up, am dreading the day he stands up! He is in a grobag so I thought that might slow him down, but not after what dinkystinky said LOL!

Will carry on with travel cot for now at least. Am sure there is a market out there for slightly longer / wider travel cots, but then guess that defeats the object of them being "travel cots"!!

Stinkyfeet Mon 08-Sep-08 21:48:20

I have a small 2.7 yr old who still sleeps comfortably in a travel cot at his grandparents' houses. He's just started to climb out - but does so quite safely (!), so I think he'll be OK for another couple of months! By then, he'll be ready for a bed I think.

MiaMamma Tue 09-Sep-08 08:42:55

I think usually they are about 100cm long but there's extra long ones, about 120cm. Was looking myself few months ago when staying at my mum's and was worried DD won't fit into regural travel cot (she's 2.5y and very tall!) but mum measured her one and it was 120cm. DD also climbed in and out quite easily and safely, luckily not in the middle of the night!

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