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New baby who is ok at night but 3 year old getting up throughout the night

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PetitFilou1 Sat 06-Sep-08 07:51:23

The problem is my dd (second child so middle one) - ds2 is not a problem with sleeping at night. Atm she is getting up every night and refusing to go back to bed until dh sleeps beside her on the floor. He is coming back to bed once she's settled but she inevitably gets up again (last night this was four times). Any help/suggestions gratefully received as we are both exhausted. I really need some sleep myself but dh is at the end of his rope so he is the one who is now asleep.

brimfull Sat 06-Sep-08 07:59:50

had similar problem with dd when she was little.

we ended up putting a sleeping bag under oure bed which dd used to get out and go to sleep in without disturbing us.

she was probably a tad older than 3 when she started doing this .
she carried on sleeping badly for quite a few yrs I'm afraid.

wasn't helped though by us being burgled during the night when she was 6yrs old.

could you set up a bed for her in your room

we found just giving in was the only answer,she alwasy started in her own bed

think she grew out of it aroung 7 or 8

PetitFilou1 Sat 06-Sep-08 08:04:31

No room for bed for her in our room I'm afraid - maybe dh will have to sleep in the spare room for a while with her sad

Kellnic Sat 06-Sep-08 21:43:10

My eldest (never the best) got worse when no2 came along - it was a simple case of insecurity I think. She is now much better (baby now 15 months old). A star chart was involved at one point - treats don't have to be hugely expensive, I found promising her some quality time alone was just as effective. But frankly just go with whatever sleeping arrangements ensure you all get a reasonable night. If it means spare beds being involved so be it. You'll all get back to normal, whatever that is, in the longer term.

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