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should i give him something to eat?? Quick answer pleeeeze

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jvs Wed 03-Sep-08 22:42:26

ds (3) currently upstairs having tantrum because he is hungry...... long history of bad sleep behaviour (ie wakes 2/3 times in the night) but full blown tantrum over being hungry (having eaten well enough through the day) is new!!! Do you think really he is hungry? should I feed him something? Have offerred milk and tried to calm him down but he is now being utterly unreasonable!

Lazarou Wed 03-Sep-08 22:46:04

Give him a bowl of cereal. What does he want to eat?

Overmydeadbody Wed 03-Sep-08 22:47:33

Give him something. Then he'll have to go to sleep as he'll have no excuse not to.

He may well be hungry.

jvs Wed 03-Sep-08 22:48:04

Have given in and given him apple.... he is eating it just hope this will not be his next new ploy to have a reason to be awake for every night for the next month!!!

dizzydixies Wed 03-Sep-08 22:48:36

weetabix - stock him up and send him back to bed, no nonsense just down to business so he knows its not a path to play/tv/chat etc

susiecutiebananas Wed 03-Sep-08 22:56:54

was going to suggest give him some porridge. Warm milk, and porridge can be quite relaxing at bed time.

If he's genuinely hungry then it'll cover it, if he's not, i'll help relax him anyway. I gave DD ( 19months ) a small bowl every night last week practically, and it really helped her settle

jvs Wed 03-Sep-08 23:06:03

apple was what he wanted so what he had (followed by a big drink of water) guess he must have been hungry although it is not like him!
Feel bad for letting him get so steamed up now, but am in the throws of doing some serious sleep training at the moment (please god let him sleep through at some point!) and thought it was just a ploy!

canofworms Wed 03-Sep-08 23:08:04

My kids often try this on me at bed-time

I only ever give them bread and butter so I know that they were really hungry if they actually eat it!

So hard - glad the apple worked

jvs Thu 04-Sep-08 10:12:34

pleased to say ds slept through from having finished his apple at 22.50 ish until 7.30 this morning!!!!!!!! infact had to wake him up to get up! This is a first fo us, think I might give him apple every night!

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