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The DDs sleep well. It's me that has a problem.

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HotblackDesiato Wed 03-Sep-08 19:15:05

I'm having huge trouble dropping off. and when i do I wake alot, find myself leaping out of bed to do something. I walk around. I wake up dressed. thrash around. have vivid dreams.and generally don't rest at all.
help. i am knackered.

TheGabster Wed 03-Sep-08 20:45:05

Right back at you HBD.

My DS has finally stopped waking at 5am to bleat like a lamb for an hour, but now I still wake up at 4.30 expecting the disturbance. Seem to find all sorts of stupid things to worry about/remember jobs I have not done at this time in the morning. And it takes me until 6ish to get back to sleep (after doing the jobs I rememberd of course - dog stares at me as if I am mad. He knows it is the middle of the night even if his mad owner does not). Of course then DS wakes for a feed at 6.30! Arrrhhhhhh.

Maybe we are over-tired/stimulated and need to make sure we get more day naps???? wink

It could be worse - what would we do without coffee shock

pudding25 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:52:32

And me. have always been awful sleeper. Now it is worse as I never get a chance to catch up. Feed dd around 3am, she goes back to sleep, i am still awake at 5am. Horrendous. I am so shattered and miserable. I wrote a thread about this the other wk. I am thinking of trying reflexology.
I just cant relax.

mckenzie Wed 03-Sep-08 21:55:52

If I am having trouble sleeping I listen to a relaxing CD before I go to bed (sometimes Paul McKenna's I can make you slim).

Or, I get completely ready for bed about 10pm then watch 1 hour of Sex and the City with the cat on my lap before falling into bed at 11pm. I then sleep pretty much okay.

If I don't do either of these two routines then I will probably get up about 5/6 times in the night and feel rubbish in the morning.

gigglewitch Wed 03-Sep-08 22:00:57

yay HBD, shall we get a club going wink
It is such a bugger, my DC all sleep really well too but i spend half the night stalking round the house, checking them, making myself drinks, doing all the ironing, filling forms (trying to bore self to zzz) Always wake up between 4 and 5, no more zz's for me - and have usually only gone to bed at 1 or 2am cos i don't feel tired as such. nothing works. no sleep for the wicked eh hmm

jvs Wed 03-Sep-08 22:06:22

Omg.... that could be me!!!
Sometimes I take herbal sleeping pills (out of desperation really!) but dont actually think they work!
Best for me is to get a really boring book and read and read until i fall asleep into the pages...... or (more realistically) get up make a cuppa, wander round a bit etc. Hmphhh
Now if bedtime was about 3/4 pm in the afternoon I would be able to drop asleep no problem!

HotblackDesiato Wed 03-Sep-08 22:10:42

tis a shocker - sorry also posted this in the chat bit so may be repeating myself.
my work hours are crap - am a nurse so never quite know where i am. is also major stressy which doesn't elp.
the DDs are 10 and 12 so are tucked up by 9ish and both sleep well. although DD2 was 6 before she ever slept through the night.just the constant waking up and sleepwalking and actually dropping off is a problem.
am knackered then drink too much coffee and diet coke to keep me going (and wine). and am too tired/fat/busy to exercise.

pudding25 Wed 03-Sep-08 22:48:18

Oh, i so love exercise (would you believe) and it is the only way I lose weight as I love food - but I am too goddam tired to exercise and eat too much to keep me awake. Have been staying off the diet cokes and coffee as am bf and worried that dd will go hyper!
Before dd, I would get up and read but that just stresses me more now as I think I am wasting time and should be asleep. Before dd, if I had a really bad night, I knew that worse case scenario, I could call in sick into work and sleep during the day or I could nap in front of tv or have a lie in at the weekend.

Now, it is just impossible to catch up on any sleep.

HotblackDesiato Wed 03-Sep-08 23:07:07

and now don'twant to goto bed as know i won't sleep.

pudding25 Thu 04-Sep-08 08:52:55

Well, last night I reckon for once I could have slept like a log but dd decided it would be funny to wake up 3 times...

zazen Thu 04-Sep-08 09:12:39

Are any of you anxious as well?
Could be anxiety form of PND?
Just saying this as I used to wake at my DD moving her eyeballs - eventually to much tsk tsking had to move her out of our room and into her own.
Then tried 'Calms' - hops and valerian and lemon balm herbal remedy, and after years of telling myself that the sound of a leaf falling or a bird twittering was nothing to do with me, I now sleep Ok.

It's just awful waking up anticipating them to wake at the time they used to and they sleep through - and you don't isn't it? I remember being a Mombie (a mummy zombie) so well. dreadful.

Might be worth seeing your GP about it and having your thyroid function tested. I know I should have looking back as I had anxiety PND not depressive PND. I Was in a constant alert kind of state and found it really difficult to unwind. I had PSTD I think from the horrific birth. there is an anti depressant medication you can take for it, not prozac, a kindof anti anxiety drug starting with A - has very good results posted here - sorry I can't remember the name of it - maybe someone can??!! And poor thyroid function (and adrenal) is also linked to this constant low level anxiety.

They say exercise is a great tonic and I certainly found that getting out for a 45 min walk every day in the light did wonders for me even though it was so hard at first as I was soooo knackered. Dropped a size also!

Good luck girls - I've been there and it is like one of the merry rings of hell.

pudding25 Thu 04-Sep-08 21:57:54

I do get anxious. well, I am a perfectly well rounded human being during the day and not stressed out at all and then it all comes out at night. I was like this before dd as well. I am actually going to see a private dr next wk about this (my dr is crap. She told me to relax ha and someone recommended their private dr. Costs a bit but hopefully worth it).
I will mention the anxiety PND to her and see what she says.
I go out for at least 30 min walk each day as it is and I was going back to the gym until my sleeping got worse when we moved dd into her own room 3 wks ago. She is happy in her room now and I have got used to her being there but still can't relax at all or nap when she does as I keep thinking she will wake.

We have just ditched the dummy very successfully and she is already sleeping much more soundly so I am hoping that in time, this will help me relax and sleep.

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