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moving from cot to bed

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sjcmum Sun 31-Aug-08 14:24:38

DD1 has recently turned 2 and next baby due in less than 4 months.... so we know we really should try to get her out of the cot before baby comes along. Is it ok to put her straight into a full sized single bed, or have most people used something smaller to start with so they don't feel too lost in it?

Just not sure I like the idea of buying something, and something else in a couple of years seems wasteful. We're thinking of investing in bunk beds so in the future they can share - but just keeping one flatpacked up for now.

Any one with experiences or recommendations of good beds to go for?

CSLG Sun 31-Aug-08 15:19:39

my 2 both decided at 18m they wouldn't sleep in a cot again! We have them in a day bed from ikea to start with and a bed rail - its like a crib them as the day bed has 3 sides to it. Once the youngest turns 3 we will get rid of that and get him a bed he chooses

If you have on of the bunk beds you could put it against a wall and then get a bed rail for the other side (or use the top bunk as that usually has a bed rail with it)

sjcmum Wed 03-Sep-08 14:05:46

good suggestions - thank you - I'll look into the day bed.

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