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Sleeping through the night

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suzanneandjojo Sat 19-Feb-05 21:59:54

My daughter is now 21 weeks old, up until the last 4 weeks she has been going to sleep at 7pm after bath and bottle and sleeping until around 4-5am, she has just started waking at all hours someimes it is 5am and the next night it can be 12.30am. she is eating very well and drinking upto 35oz a day. I have tried waking her at 11pm for another feed but found this just made her wake even earlier than normal. if I could get her into a regular waking time I feel i could encourage her to drop the eed by diluting it or reducing it but at the momement she is not waking at a set time. Any Suggestions on getting her to sleep through the night.

Frizbe Sat 19-Feb-05 22:03:07

urm not going to be much help here as my dd only decided to sleep thru fully at 12mths, she was bedded at 7pm then having a dream feed at 10pm which then got her through to 6-7am (depending on the clock changes....) will she sleep through the feed at 11pm? mine used to, but still happily drank it....but then they're all individuals eh! it could be teething that's starting to make her wake, or growing pains? good luck anyway, I'm sure better advice will be along shortly

Newyearmum Sat 19-Feb-05 22:05:36

Are you saying that you feed her whenever she wakes up in the night?
If so, I'd just cut it out - ie. try and resettle her without feeding. I know it means a few potentially difficult nights, but if she's taking 35oz (that sounds like lots...) she won't need to feed at night.

In my experience, if she gets used to being fed during the night (when she physically doesn't need to at 21 weeks) then night just becomes like day, ie. a few hours go by and then she wakes for another feed.

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