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bhk3 Sat 30-Aug-08 20:01:42

my dd 6 1/2 mo old was not at all ready to sleep on her own but i tried the controlled crying method & trust me it was so tough for me in the previous days coz my lo cried so much but i'm happy now coz after 2 weeks she sleeps on her own now. i really felt like i'm the cruellest mum in this whole wide world to let my lo cry so much but it really worked.

ali23 Sat 30-Aug-08 20:11:21

6.5 months? shock It is way too young for CC, in my opinion.

peachsmuggler Sun 31-Aug-08 12:28:54

I think if it worked for you then that's great. You have to do whatever you feel comfortable with. Glad it had made things easier for you!

mamachat Mon 01-Sep-08 22:02:57


I am thinking of doing cc for my 13month old... Did you read a whole book on it first? or just let your lo cry and check on her every 5mins?

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