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16mths - no daytime nap - and awake in night!

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bagpussmice Sat 19-Feb-05 19:18:03

last night my 16mth old dd2 slept from 6.30pm to 7.30 am (with an hour of being awake crying 3-4am - this is quite normal), however she normally has a nap of an hour in the day. Also, she normally wakes at 6am, not 7.30am.
Today, she was awake all day, had 2 opportunities of sleeping 1) on the way back from a park farm in the car after being outside in the fresh air all morning, and 2) for a 30 minute walk in her buggy this afternoon. She didn't sleep on either occasion, and lasted til 6.20 when she went down in her cot shattered.
There was no grizzling or tantrums of overtiredness, admittedly she didn't eat much dinner, but I am now worried that she may drop her daytime nap - or perhaps it's just because she laid in this morning, she had enough sleep.
Sorry, this is a bit of a waffle, but I just wondered how much other 16 mths sleep.
I expect you will all tell me 12 hours at night and 2 hours at lunchtime - and make me feel depressed

Lonelymum Sat 19-Feb-05 19:23:39

Well my ds3 is 2 today and he started going without his nap a week or so ago. He does sleep a bit more at night because of it. I was abit worried about him dropping his nap (because I enjoyed the break in the middle of the day!) but what I have found so far is that he will easily go a few days without a nap, but then he has a day when he is really grotty and grisly and goes down for a nap happily. We wake him up after an hour or so rather than letting him have a full sleep (used to nap for 2 and a half hours easily) but basically that seems to work, ie no nap for a few days followed by a short nap for a day or two.

So, waht I am trying to say is, maybe you will find your dd fits the same pattern if you try it out.

bagpussmice Sat 19-Feb-05 19:29:33

thanks Lonleymum - hope it isn't the start of no naps - I too, enjoy the hour when she's asleep. DD1 who is 3.5 still napped during the day until about 2 months ago - not every day, just every now and then.
I guess they are all different, the second just doesn't seem to need enough sleep.

Lonelymum Sat 19-Feb-05 19:32:05

My second didn't either. (Ds1 used to sleep for 3 hours every pm ) Maybe it is because they have entertainment from the older child so less incentive to go to bed and gradually that becomes less need, if you follow me.

pupuce Sat 19-Feb-05 19:33:26

You could start "quiet time" where DD must sit quietly in front of book or dvd....

It is very early to drop lunchtime nap and it may just be a one day thing.... keep us posted!

Homsa Sat 19-Feb-05 19:36:38

I think my DS (20 months) is in the process of dropping his daytime nap. He usually sleeps from 7.30pm to 7am, and if he does have a nap in the afternoon, it's always quite late, eg. from 3pm to 5pm. He invariably wakes up hungry and in a really foul mood and needs about an hour to snap out of it, so I'm not that bothered that he has these naps less and less often! I've tried waking him after an hour, but that didn't work at all.
However, if he's gone a whole day without a nap I normally put him to bed an hour early, which is quite nice sometimes...!

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