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is a 4 hour nap normal??

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nappyaddict Fri 29-Aug-08 14:39:14

ds has been asleep almost 4 hours. i don't quite know what to do with myself!!!

shelleylou Fri 29-Aug-08 14:53:48

how old is he? could he be over

smallwhitecat Fri 29-Aug-08 15:00:39

Message withdrawn

Twiga Fri 29-Aug-08 15:03:47

Normal enough, partic when growing, teething, newly crawling/walking etc. Put the kettle on, feet up and get the chocolate out while you've still time grin.

shelleylou Fri 29-Aug-08 15:11:44

sorry that should have been over tired. my ds is 21 months and having 4 hour naps as his sdasd kept him up stupisdly late over the weekend

smallwhitecat Fri 29-Aug-08 15:13:22

Message withdrawn

ajm200 Fri 29-Aug-08 15:19:51

DS regulary does 3 hours.

He's a very active live wire who is never still. Just watching him makes me want a 4 hours nap!

EachPeachPearMum Fri 29-Aug-08 16:06:19

Probably having a grow, or cutting a tooth.
Enjoy it grin

Jbck Fri 29-Aug-08 16:17:00

Is he up yet? I have actually woken DD2 as I was getting concerned after 3 & a bit hours once or twice.

Realised she just loved her naps so if she does it now I let her and enjoy the peace smile

nappyaddict Fri 29-Aug-08 16:23:50

3.5 hours is fairly regular for him but he's never done this much before. he got up about an hour ago.

pamelat Fri 29-Aug-08 18:00:44

good to read all of the reassurance as worried when my DD slept for 2 hours today!!

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