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Controled Crying on 5 month old - Will it work?

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OliAus Sat 19-Feb-05 03:14:26

Hi, My daughter is 5 months on the 22nd, and I would really like for her to start to be able to go to sleep by herself. At the momment I am having to hold her with a dummy for her to go to sleep . How does controled cying work and does it work all of the time. She does not sleep through the night and has very few and short naps during the day ( she has always not sleeped that much from the time she was born).

Can anyone offer any suggestions


suzywong Sat 19-Feb-05 04:11:16

hello there

I think she is a bit young for controlled crying at five months, she wouldn't get. They have to be wise enough to realise that you mean business and that of the principle of cause and effect ans she is too young for that, she barely knows that you and she aren't one entity. I think 6 or 7 months would be a good time to introduce Controlled Crying (CC)

Hate to tell you but people whose small babies sleep through the night usually can't believe their luck and it may be a phase that gets disrupted when the teeth come through. Don't mean to sound negative, just want to give you a realistic picture.

But what you can do is get her into a routine that she will associate with settling herself. Take it step by step, do bath time and singing or what ever your evening routine is and then lay her in her cot with lots of strokes and resassuring noises and hold the dummy for her but just don't pick her up, that will be a step in the right direction.

In my opinion, she is too small to get through the night without a feed, are you breast or bottle feeding her? Again the general consensus is that 6 months is the earliest you can reasonalby expect then to do that.

I can understand how tiring and frustrating it is not to have a child that sleeps well (don't get me started on my two boys) but at the moment the biggest help you can be to her and yourself is just taking things step by step in the direction of encouraging her to settle with you present but not holding her, then eventually just by you placing her in her cot and patting her and singing to her.

Hope this helps

By the way, where are you in Australia? I'm in Perth (or are you in Austria?)

OliAus Sat 19-Feb-05 05:32:56

Thanks Suzy

I am in Brisbane. She has been going with out feeds at night for the last month or so, I started to give her water or just her dummy when she woke (Bottle feed now)and now there is no way that she will eat. If she does not want her milk you can not make her. She does love water though and drinks heaps. I know that I will problem get some stong posts concerning what I am about to say, but I have been feeding her solds for a about a month now, and she loves it. She gets so excited when you show her her bowl. Her fav at the moment is sweetpotato and pumkin. she will only have about 3 -4 bottles a day and one of these is a dream feed before I go to bed.

I a still open to any suggestions..

suzywong Sat 19-Feb-05 07:43:11

wow there are loads of MNers in Brissie, it's a MN Ghetto!

Well if she's going thorugh without feeding then you are part of the way there to having a baby who sleeps through then, lucky you.

I will bow out of the debate at this point too and hope you get some good suggestions

See ya

ghosty Sat 19-Feb-05 07:56:56

Hello suzy
OliAus ... I did CC with DS very young .... and tbh he is still a crap sleeper at 5 years old (although CC did work at the time he still went back to his old way after a while)
I made the conscious decision when I was pregnant with DD that I wouldn't do it until a year if I needed to .... as I have a suspicion that doing CC with DS at such a young age actually made him a worse sleeper and an anxious sleeper in the long run.
Luckily I have never had to do CC with DD BUT I did teach her to go to sleep in her room from awake early on. I never let her cry on her own ... If she didn't settle I would go in and cuddle her then put her back down ....
Perhaps, seeing as she has a dummy you could try for a few days putting her in her cot with the dummy but stay with her .... DH or I used to put a hand quite firmly on her chest so she knew we were there ... after a few nights we just did that rather than pick her up. I don't see this as CC as you never leave your baby to cry ...

LoubieLou04 Sat 19-Feb-05 17:35:22

Hi, I taught my daughter to go to sleep by herself by putting her in her cot and trying to reasure her in there. I only picked her up if she got upset and put her down the instant she was calm. I stayed with her but made no eye contact. I just repeated the pick up put down until she was asleep.

Whatever way you decide to do things stick at it and see it through to the end, the worse thing you can do is try a different technique if what you're doing doesn't seem to be working. Only confuses baby and consistancy will pay out in the end.

Once it's done you will be amazed how much better she is sleeping.

Hope this helps. Also would suggest you then work at getting rid of the dummy but that's a whole new ball game.

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